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Welcome to our Learning Hub. Here we discuss and digest theology as we seek first His Kingdom in our increasingly western, humanistic cultures. What does the Bible have to say about peace, reconciliation, restoration, justice and community? Conversely, what is God’s response to violence, retributive action, unforgiveness, individualism and inequality?

Let’s learn together as we seek to build longer tables, not taller walls.

“The most essential part of our faith is the humility we live towards our neighbour and enemy, reflective of the humility and compassion of God towards us in our own brokenness, and his will to restore us as community to new life.” 

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About OUR Founder, Kent Hodge

Kent and his wife Ruth have lived and and raised their five children in Nigeria where they have served as missionaries since 1986. He is grandfather of Noah, Emily and Abraham.  Kent is the founder of Christian Faith Ministries International (CFMI 2007), a seminary institute, church planting movement, missions organisation and post-conflict peace-building charity. He loves to write, teach and discuss the Bible and how it informs our world. He comes from a Pentecostal/Reformed background but would now arrive at more of an Anabaptist expression of faith.

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