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The irony of placing our hope in technology

Men in white coats, Silicon Valley startups, the next billionaire and monopoly, new gadgets to solve our problems: our hope for a better tomorrow. Science has been bought out by business and it tells us what they want us to hear and believe. They dress in white like the priests of old, sacrificing the poor […]

Cornelius & Homosexuality

Acts 10 records a massive shift in the Jew’s awareness of the salvation plan of God. To think that the gentiles could be accepted by God was unimaginable to the Jews. In Acts 10 we see this shift in Peter’s awareness, just as Paul’s ministry to the gentiles was about to unfold. The church ushered […]

Rebuilding Freedom – A Second Reformation

Just over 500 years ago Europe experienced the Reformation. The nations had been under the yoke of the pope of Rome. The pope controlled all things eternal and temporal, including kings and all their decisions. There are a lot of parallels between that time and today. Let’s have a look at a few. Today global […]

Creation, Slavery, Technology & Eugenics  

The foundational stories of our cultures matter a lot in our outlook as a people. One of these foundational stories is about our views of creation. Our philosophy around this informs how we think the world functions. The modern view is one of macro-evolution, not that macro-evolution is entirely modern in origin, but is in […]

What do Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Lockdown Protests Have in Common?

Good Governance The task of good government is to see that the weak are protected. The idea that government is to stay out of the way and allow the weak to be trodden upon is a bad idea. It is the job of the strong to protect the weak, to serve in the interests of […]