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Crossing Over in the Storm

When will deliverance come? Recent international events add even more anxiety to many people in Nigeria and other places, not knowing what the year will bring. The sufferings of many years bring a perspective to current events that is real. In the article below, we dive into biblical themes for assurance that is not empty […]

Popularism – Defeating a Resurgent Feudalism

I have been following with interest the recent events in America with mounting evidence of state and business sponsored election fraud, with a lack of transparency in assessing the true situation, and with censorship or professional retribution against qualified people who try to bring clarity. The same problems are evident in the “Covid pandemic.” Those […]

Good and Evil

Good and Evil: We Need To Make A Stand Today Many of the things we will speak about in this article were until recently the ideas of conspiracy theories. Now they are being openly spoken about by the World Economic Forum. It is no longer theory. Plans to tag and monitor human beings are unfolding […]

Defeating Identity Politics: The Role of The Church

Identity politics restricts the way people can speak in a society. It exercises mind control, using social and political pressure to manage the way people think and what they are allowed to learn. Its movements give opportunity for certain political players to arise. Once in power, they further remove social and political freedoms to solidify […]

Happy New Year

CFM’s New Year Message Protecting the Weak: The Utter Failure of our Governments, the call of Christ’s Government Christ’s birth was heralded centuries before by many prophets, including Isaiah: “To us a child is born, and a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders … of the increase of his government […]