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The Environment – Content Summary

Chapter1. We see the main problem in regions around us is that chemical fertilizer and weedicide are killing soils and causing erosion. This is bringing in more competition for land resources. Before chemicals, people related holistically, integrating cattle and crop farms for mutual benefit. With chemicals, these relationships have broken down and independence has been […]

The Environment – Foreword

  The environment matters and matters a lot. The biblical mandate is for us to care for the environment. The number “seven” in scripture, that is a major theme throughout the bible, is drawn from the seven days of creation and represents God’s love and restorative plans for this world. God’s entire heaven and earth […]

Rebuilding Environment and Community in Nigeria

“We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.” (Romans 8:22) What a beautiful verse in a wonderful section of Paul’s writings. The pain and the promise in one verse. The pain of our current time and the promise of the birth of […]

The Environmental Vision of Isaiah

  To say that Isaiah isn’t about the environment is to misunderstand his vision. The Old Testament faith was very much about the environment. From the beginning, Adam and Eve were given a custodian stewardship over the environment.  They were not to rule the environment according to the strategic dictates of their nation state, in […]

The Petrodollar

  In many ways the world is still locked into the conditions that began after WWI. The Ottoman Empire existed before the war, from Turkey down to the strategic centres of what is now called Saudi Arabia, eastward to the Mediterranean Sea and westward through Mesopotamia to what is now called Iraq and to the […]

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