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We have different names for this, depending on our place of reference. Biblically, it’s called the mark of the beast. Politically, it’s called oligarchy. Socially, it’s called draconian. Those who care for the poor call it injustice. Economically, it’s called monopoly. But it’s all one and the same thing, being called out by different commentators. […]

Agriculture – Restoring Decentralised Community

The industrial farming era: the march of the technocrats and monopolists to take over farming. It’s like another industrial revolution, but this time in farming. It’s an attempt to rationalise the farming sector, to bring its operations into a larger scale, so eventually merge the corporations into fewer in number and centralise control. And it […]

A Monopoly Take Over in the Developing World

As already stated, trillions are sucked out of developing nations illegally and secretly into Western owned offshore accounts, in a collaboration of corruption between Western and developing powers. This is a major source of wealth to Western nations, along with the interest from loans that Western nations have foisted upon developing nations. Borrowed money may […]

Decentralization – Overcoming Today’s Monopoly

Egypt held to a pagan narrative of creation. In this, humanity was made as slaves for the ease of the gods. Creation was formed in the process of war, the victorious god emerging over the new world order. To maintain this war machine, the pagan state (the priestly image bearers of the gods) ran an […]

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