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The Journey

“About 15 years ago my wife Helen asked me to prayerfully take a look at newsletters which had been faithfully sent to us with information about an Aussie couple, Kent and Ruth Hodge, missionaries in Nigeria. Helen knew that we were being “nudged” by the Lord. A new season was opening for Kent and Ruth […]

First Twenty Years

If you are looking for a book about someone’s personal struggles, weaknesses, and failings, you probably won’t find too many in these pages. Not because we don’t have many. Like every person, we have plenty. But this story is about God’s kindness, mercy, and grace despite our selves. He knows we have faults before he […]

Transitions for the Family and Ministry

In March of 1998 Benson Idahosa suddenly went to be with the Lord. He had just returned from America that week. On Tuesday Ruth and I ate lunch, just us together with him. He was noticeably tired. He didn’t eat that day but kept putting more food on our plate, as was his custom with […]

Christian Faith Ministries, Bukuru – The First Years

If we were hoping that the Lord was writing another chapter of the book of Acts, it would take us a long time to understand some of the aspects that entailed. Back in the first century, the church in Acts brought healing to the bitter divides between Jews and gentiles (even if she suffered turbulence […]

The Learning Curve

The day after Christmas Ruth and I were in England when we had a call from one of the team leaders in Jos. He said our suburb in Jos had erupted into violence. In the next few days he drove around taking photos and sending them to us. About a hundred houses had been burnt […]

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