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The Priesthood – Hebrews 5

othing is said in this chapter about God requiring that we have a priest, for him to receive us. The chapter outlines the need of humanity for a priest, and God’s provision of that priest as a gift for our benefit. The chapter doesn’t say God demanded we have a priest for our sin, but […]

Tribalism – Hebrews 6

he author calls for the readers to grow in the purposes of the kingdom of God in renewing the cosmos, about which they had become dull in understanding. This dullness puts them in danger of undervaluing what lies ahead for them, becoming tired in their persecution, and returning to the safety of their former security, […]

A Universal Priesthood – Hebrews 7

ne of the special things about scripture is that it testifies against the special interests on its writers. The scripture does this consistently, in no greater way than in recording through the early Jewish apostles how Christ died, the innocent condemned, who was just. The incident with Melchizedek is another stunning example. As the author […]

Restoring Our Relationships – Hebrews 8

he tabernacle of God, whether on earth, or the vision of it in heaven, is a symbol. The gospel is preached by the use of symbols, many of which were employed in the Old Testament as teaching instruments. The throne of Christ for us in heaven is a symbol of authority, showing, in this case, […]

A New Creation – Hebrews 9

ebrews 9 describes in more detail the use of blood in the tabernacle, to put away sins. There are two terms used which locate the importance of this discussion concerning the major theme of the New Testament, which is, “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” i.e. the […]