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United Nations: A Service Body

I was sitting next to a speaker we invited to our International Children’s Day event. He was a professor at a local university and also lived some of his time in the UK. He had his children in our school because he wanted them to be with other children we had invited to care for, […]

The United Nations and Our Suspicions

A lot of suspicion revolves around some of the activities of the United Nations, like when it serves in nations regarded as our enemies. Like its monitoring of Saddam Hussein’s weapons programs, or Iraq’s “oil for food” program. The corruption of this program highlighted the dysfunction in relationships between nations. Fixing this dysfunction would be […]

United Nations & Social Activism

Some see what looks like a kind of activist agenda within the United Nations on issues many don’t agree with as Christians. These may include abortion, homosexuality and encouragement of condoms or other forms of contraception for unmarried sex. These matters are often promoted by other groups outside the United Nations, but often the United […]

United Nations & Culture Wars

Another area where some Christians hold secular organisations in suspicion is to do with our differing assessments on “scientific fact.” “Science” very easily becomes a political matter. It isn’t that we don’t trust science, but we don’t trust humans who make various claims based on “science.” This happens in areas such as the study of […]

“Come Out from Among Them”

We won’t spend long on this point, but it needs to be dealt with, as a current attitude we hear expressed. The idea is that the church is somehow separate from the world and above it all. This attitude is expressed in recent political movements, that call for our separation from other nations and from […]