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6 – A Loving God, Lazarus & Eternal Conscious Torment

ow to turn to the texts in the scripture that speak about eternal punishment. What do these texts mean? Different views existed in earlier church history, but the view that these texts represent eternal conscious torment in a literal lake of fire gained strength in the European Middle Ages. When it was suggested by some […]

7 – God & the Violence in the OT

ooking at God’s “terrible behaviour” in the Old Testament. In this article we look at the satan that works by law, not primarily in accusing God, but in our hearts, accusing and destroying our neighbours. There are horrific stories in the Old Testament. Take for example the story of Israel making and then worshipping a […]

8 – God Forgives But Sin Becomes it’s Own Punishment

ometimes it is difficult for us to look at the early chapters of Genesis without our accustomed glasses on. We have generally seen a wrathful God, reacting to human disobedience, taking vengeance for his holiness. But this view portrays God in entirely the wrong way. This is the way the Pharisees saw God. The view […]

9 – The Dangers of Substitutionary Atonement, An Abusive God & a Violent People

n this section we trace violence in early society, showing how violence builds in society today. We look at Jesus’ teachings and at how they can be applied, in turning this violence around, to build us a new better community. After the Flood, God’s actions concerning the redemption of the world kick in. Man’s experiment […]

10 – Moving to Restorative Justice

hen God formed Israel as a nation, he worked immediately to stem the level of violence. The formation of Israel was aimed at providing a model of an anti-empire. All powers in the world followed the model of Egypt. This began before the Flood, and the leaders of these empires were called the men of […]