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11 – Violence in the Psalms

he Psalms is another area from where we often take texts from to allow Christian violence. But the question remains again. Why didn’t Jesus interpret the Psalms this way? Why don’t we see Jesus take up violence, if the Psalms allowed and in some ways promoted it? If Jesus shows us the true and full […]

12 – Jesus & Self-Defense

e often approach Jesus in the Gospels from our personal perspective, with questions such as whether we are allowed to act in self-defence. We discuss the statements of Jesus on this level; “If an attacker is coming to my house, aren’t I allowed to defend myself, my wife and children?” Sometimes, the whole discussion on […]

13 – Was the Early Church Pacifist?

here is no doubt about the pacifism of the early church. The book of Revelation depicts it well. The church is the virgin bride, which follows the Lamb. This imagery distinguishes them from both the whore, or unfaithful wife of Jerusalem, and the beast, Rome, who both care for their own interest, and follow this […]