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Restoring Our Relationships – Hebrews 8

he tabernacle of God, whether on earth, or the vision of it in heaven, is a symbol. The gospel is preached by the use of symbols, many of which were employed in the Old Testament as teaching instruments. The throne of Christ for us in heaven is a symbol of authority, showing, in this case, […]

16 – Deconstructing Empire, Reconstructing Community (Revelation 19)

Revelation 19 begins with a praise to God for his two-fold justice. First, he carries out his promise to renew the creation and second, he avenges the weak of the earth. Here, we see the concept even more clearly…

18 – All Things New (Revelation 21-22)

This symbolism represents a renewed creation, with death and destruction overcome. The first heaven and earth have not been literally destroyed but have been changed. The old things have passed away, meaning the way things were. Heaven and earth have been made new. A new heaven means…

8 – Inclusion: The Path to Renewal

he Pharisees were busy deciding who they couldn’t fellowship with and who they had to separate from. We have developed a similar line of thought in our religious, racial and class sectors today. More and more, walls have been going up between communities, as gaps between people of different groups have grown ever wider. People […]

11 – Jesus and the Founding of a New Community

here are many things present in the Old Testament that Jesus’ teachings plainly changed. God used a missiological approach to reaching human nature and human culture, to transform us. This means he reached us where we were, in our language, symbols and ideas, and brought us forward to the values of his kingdom. The kingdom […]

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