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The Priesthood – Hebrews 5

othing is said in this chapter about God requiring that we have a priest, for him to receive us. The chapter outlines the need of humanity for a priest, and God’s provision of that priest as a gift for our benefit. The chapter doesn’t say God demanded we have a priest for our sin, but […]

4 – Human Nature & The Origins of Violence

Sacrifice is a human invention. Because of our fallen conscience we think God demands sacrifice, and we transcribe this view to the gods in our idolatry. Sacrifice has its foundation in our human societies. First it was human sacrifice, then animals were substituted for humans. The requirement for blood didn’t start with God…

6 – The Crucifixion & Scapegoating Exposed

The way the leaders came against Jesus followed the usual scapegoating strategy. They used faith and a sense of righteousness, godliness or morality against him. They claimed he had broken the sabbath, while this wasn’t true. The sabbath was about freeing people from economic slavery…

3 – Sacrifice in the OT

acrifice on the school playground: Once, when I was a small boy, we moved and my parents sent me to a new school. I found a friend I thought I would get along with, and soon we were sitting together on a bench eating lunch. Then a large group of boys ran around the corner […]

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