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God’s judgement and a non-violent rebuilding

You wouldn’t read about it! Or maybe you would read about in novels, but never believe it could so quickly happen. One year ago we had freedom of travel, freedom of congregation and freedom of speech. Within one year we have lost the freedom to leave our houses, to go without a facemask, to not have a vaccination, to travel, to leave our nation, or return to our home nation, to travel further than 5 kilometres from our house, or to peacefully assemble.

We have been censored for speaking of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or other remedies to Covid-19.  Just this January 2021 the American Journal of Medicine has come out to say it was wrong about HCQ and that HCQ is effective against Covid-19 in early treatment at the right doses. This, after hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved! This has been known and shared by censored experts since March 2020.

We have been suspended from our social media accounts for discussing the safety of Covid-19 vaccines or discussing the evidence for election fraud. Conservatives have been banned from social media, and national news networks have been threatened with closure, unless they report only what they are allowed to report. Conservatives are labelled domestic terrorists for street crimes they have not committed.

In the short period of a few years we have gone from a war on terrorism, to a war on a virus to a war on domestic terrorism. Next will be a war on climate change, or a war against “internet terrorism” (hacking), further debilitating our financial mobility and the freedoms of all non-elite business interests.

We always said that if we allow our governments to “come for the terrorists” by bombing countries abroad and making millions of refugees, then they will also come for us. A hardening of the heart against one is a hardening of the heart against all. We have allowed a surveillance infrastructure to grow that now bites us all.

I heard Bill Gates this week expressing concern over public opinion about himself and Dr Fauci, when there is no transparent public enquiry about the Wuhan virology research lab, its financing, and projects, but instead censorship and professional punishment for anyone who mentions such matters. Gates said, we need to know more about how this way of thinking leads people to wrong behaviour. This is “pre-crime” speak. Anyone who speaks freely is said to be liable to commit “crimes against the community” and should be sanctioned, arrested and educated before such “crimes” are committed.

Even President Putin said this all looks a lot like 1933 (Germany) and he said everyone can see it.

In less than a year our ties with China are almost complete: a state that holds up to one million people in camps, re-educating them, harvesting organs and using the people for slave labour. We don’t even know fully the links between this and the global sex trafficking trade, that surfaced through Jeffery Epstein and the elites (household names) that visited his islands.

All this, in less than one year, where we are now at the dawn of a global totalitarian “Great Reset,” which would have been laughable 12 months again. Amazing how fast things can move. It seems to be “do or die” now for the “great reset-ers.” A failure now, when their hand has been so visibly played, would be catastrophic for them. The chips in this round are high.

Not what we expected. Decades ago (despite all the end-times conspiracy theories around) we expected years of advancement through modernisation, democracy, and missions. The regression in our region of northern Nigeria through the global raping of our resources has brought instead widespread poverty, violence and terrorism. This is the story for so many in other regions as well.

I first started studying this is late 2019 when looking at decades of environmental degradation in northern Nigeria. Such degradation has been a growing concern for us, as we seek for peace and sustainability for our local communities, so millions of children can go to school and people can have a future. We found that global monopolies have built a network of influence in which they could peddle their agricultural chemicals which have destroyed much of our ecosystem. Recovery through rebuilding agricultural biodiversity and interethnic relationships is critical for national survival.

In the Covid crisis we saw the same web of deceit, the same destruction of the poor, the same positioning of the powerful corporations to take over markets and increase their global control.

And there is none to come to our rescue. Professionals have either been bought or silenced. Likewise, courts and governments.  So we are brought back to our knees for a time of great revival of truth, faith, genuine love and care for the least, and the gospel. There is one who is higher than all these powers and who answers prayer with justice.

“Behold, gross darkness covers the people, but my light shall arise upon you.” (See Isaiah 60:1-2)

The darkness is necessary for the light to be seen, for millions to realise the darkness they have been sitting in for years. So this is a great time to be alive, a time when decades of blindness, corruption and manipulation will come to the light, to be turned around.

There is no doubt that we are living in a period of apocalypse, in which the language we see in the Revelation and other biblical prophets, about kingdoms of oppression coming under God’s judgment, accurately describes current events. “Apocalypse” means to unveil, to reveal. The darkness is being revealed, so it can no longer be denied. And the light also is being revealed.

What is our part? One main part is prayer. Not violence. The apocalypse is a time when the followers of Christ are revealed: the ones who shun violence and follow the Lamb. “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb, by the word of their testimony and by not loving their own lives, even unto death.” It’s by love and kindness towards our neighbour, rebuilding the ruins of our communities that monopolism and totalitarianism have destroyed. Our part is to love our neighbour and our enemy and to rebuild for our whole community.

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