“Black Lives Matter,” Elitist Hypocrisy and Murder

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It’s common for politicians to play on tensions and divisions within communities to bolster their campaigns and stir up passion and support for their own progress. It is also true that in society certain groups like to keep resources to themselves and shut out those of other races or backgrounds. This was forbidden in the early church, especially seen in the tussles Paul had with many from his own background, when he reached out to include all others as equal in Christ. This matter became very deadly and hurt Paul a lot in the persecution he received.

When social divisions are hypocritically exploited by people for their own ends, then the wickedness goes to another level. This is what has happened in the USA in the last year. Many billionaires have charitable foundations into which they place large amounts of tax-free funds. They use this funding to bolster their own market opportunities and to reshape nations around the world to open up their own future markets. They surreptitiously support or pull-down governments according to whether the government’s policies are conducive to the billionaires’ goals. These billionaires effectively run the world in large measure, often with more real power than government bodies.

This group of billionaires also surreptitiously funds Black Lives Matter and Antifa in the USA. The goal of these billionaires is not to give better lives to oppressed minorities, but to destabilise democratic government and the rule of law, so they can push through the agendas of their oligarchical interests and control. Through promoting instability they can discredit and remove those in society in their way and intimidate normal law enforcement. It’s like Nero covertly burning Rome so he could blame the Christians and raise his popularity. When Antifa used slogans from Martin Luther King Jr, his daughter came out and rebuked them. She said MLK would have nothing to do with revolutionary movements, saying their activities were of an entirely different nature to his life and work.

What angers me is that it is the same group of billionaires, the same globalist interests that is trying to reorganise American political life, that has for decades worked to destroy the African person. Henry Kissinger said in a secret report to the USA government back in 1973 that Africa would have to be depopulated to ensure the wealthy powers could gain the maximum from the resources of the continent: Dr Henry Kissinger New York Times, Oct.28,1973 “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.” This report has since been released to the public. It is these same oligarchs, that have deliberately brought down African nations through the IMF, their Planned Parenthood philosophy through the United Nations, their offshore accounts and their flooding of African markets with their own products that have shattered the economy. This is not by chance. It has been deliberate and planned.

When you look at those in the Club of Rome (a background organisation to the World Economic Forum) and look at the elite of this world, you find many who have made very clear comments about depopulation and claim that this is actually the policy of the leading power groups in the world. Many of us have sat back in our comfort for years claiming these ideas are groundless, just conspiracy theories. A conspiracy theory is something that has no reality in true life. But when you live everyday life with the people in this continent you see the reality. It is undeniable.

The Covid lockdowns enforced on the world by these same elite power groups have added to the seriousness of the situation. The economy has been further devastated in this short time. It is even more difficult for most people to live. Then there are the “environmental restrictions” that are coming down the pipe. The elite play lovely videos on the television of green nature and say that to save this we must restrict our economies. It’s the same as it is with “Black Lives Matter.” These people don’t care about nature. They care only for themselves and their total control over the world, over governments, over people’s lives and over the economy and its resources.

We see the lovely sentimental videos about nature and the beautiful statements by wealthy popular entertainers in support of economic restrictions for others (not for themselves), but many people don’t see the devastation this causes to countless millions of lives. This is murderous. People are dying in droves, and these continued measures are going to destroy countless millions more.

Do I believe the elite when they say they are going to cut back the world’s population? Yes, I see it happening all around me. Do I believe in the politicisation of the Black Lives Matter movement? Africa doesn’t matter at all to these people, except how they can destroy and take it for themselves. Unless this is stopped soon, millions more people will perish slowly, each day more local businesses closing, each day millions more less able to care for their basic needs. It is already too late for multiplied millions of people and with the present policy of globalists this is going to greatly worsen. Not only do these powers not help, but they also hinder those who try to help themselves. It’s a crime of huge magnitude which must be stopped.

The answer is a new economy, in which we care for one another, and include each other, as the Prophets, Jesus and the early church taught. The answer is in decentralised rule, in which local communities are restored, and are then able to afford environmentalism, health care and economic development in all local regions. The answer is to stop centralised rule and centralised economy and support the development of local lives. The answer is in living by the gospel and calling on our governments to care about lives and to close these fraudulent “charitable foundations” and offshore accounts that are destroying local lives and creating political havoc around the world. The answer is to restore genuine giving, genuine charitable foundations, that are built to care about people.

When I was very young my mother said if I could find lost pennies in the house, she would take me to the bank and change them for the new currency. This motivated me. I found some pennies and went with mum to exchange them for cents. It was at the Bank of NSW, now the Westpac Bank. When we began to invest in large banks that was the end, not only for Africa but for all our nations. Today, these banks have all the wealth, our wealth, and they use it for their own economic ends and not for the welfare of the society. We have the power to take it back, to decentralise banking, by taking our money and putting in local community banks and credit unions. Then we say how that money works. We have no future when these powers are bigger than the people to whom the money really belongs: to the African, to the family man and woman, to those who work daily for the money they deposit.

But these big powers don’t what us to see this. They hide in the background, while they sponsor our division against each other. It’s as old as the Fall itself. They think they will inherit all things, but the “meek shall inherit the earth.” Oh for the world that is built for the meek and not for the powerful, for the winner who takes all.


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