What do you do?
CFM operates near Jos, a region suffering from two decades of ongoing violent conflict and terrorism. CFM provides support from biblical training to quality education, from crisis care for children who have been victims of violence to farming to create relationships between Christians and Muslims. CFM works as a bridge for creating peace in this hostile country and acts as a safe haven for so many. They equip believers in evangelism and offers support networks for new Christians. Christian Faith Hospital serves vulnerable Wurin Alheri residents, staff, and Muslim and Christian neighbours with low cost or free quality medical care.

How do you do it?
CFM’s amazing team serve selflessly and tirelessly. Key team leaders trained earlier during Kent & Ruth’s 35 years in Nigeria, have a passion to see the practical out- working of  the  Gospel of  Peace restored and  rebuild this  nation, using every tool at their disposal to share the gospel in word and deed. Overseas donors help support the work through CFMI.
CFI, the Bible college is the foundation  tool: training  leaders  with Christ centered  lives.  Christian Faith Hospital director, Dr. Mark Steve Alechenu, was first trained in the Bible school on a scholarship and later went on to study Medicine. He holds fast to the healing love of Christ in helping those  who the  world disregards. Selfless love demonstrated by the team brings change: transforming lives and  building hope  in those who face despair.

What impact have you had?
In the last major local outbreak of violence in 2018, youth of Muslim communities around Wurin Alheri refused to take up weapons. These villages have been the epicenter of local violence during brutal Boko Haram terrorism and two decades of deadly farmer and community retaliatory conflict. Acts of kindness in training for free marginalized local youth, providing low cost or free medical care, paying school fees for children of widows, helping with food and restoration of livelihoods to desperate families, have bought a new respect for and openness to the gospel. Hearts clamped fast against the gospel message are melting. Muslims now defend our rights to preach the gospel and shelter persecuted Muslim converts.

What are some of your biggest challenges?
Meeting the ongoing running costs is a major challenge. Communities devastated by conflict, without  government provision of medical care, education, with no public provision for the destitute, desperately need help. Security is a big challenge in a country of such conflict. Completing and equipping the large two storey building of the hospital, including full diagnostic lab, x-ray facilities and surgical suite,  hepatitis and HIV services. A major future challenge is to bring CFM to self-sustainability. This requires investment in quality physical and human resources now, which can eventually produce income to sustain the gospel witness.

How can we be praying?
Please pray for God’s wisdom for CFM leaders in handling the many complex and diverse challenges that come with working in a conflict zone. Please pray that God will continue to supply all CFM’s needs to help local communities and model the change the gospel of Jesus Christ brings.