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Big tech has become the self-appointed social engineer by censoring speech it claims is contrary to “community values.” Just to be clear at the start here, we are not speaking of hate speech or violence, pornography or child sex issues. We are speaking about big tech banning whatever discussion it chooses, which is against what it claims to be accepted social narrative, claiming that such speech is contrary to the social good.

The truth is that when free speech is banned, that banning is itself contrary to the social good. It is when justice is taken away, when people aren’t allowed to speak, when elite, corporate or political crimes don’t receive the light of day, when whistle-blowers aren’t permitted to speak, that social cohesion becomes threatened. This is very clearly a pre-fascist society, or has it already crossed the line into fascism?

Some argue that big tech consists of privately owned firms and has the right to censor whom it pleases. First of all, they are not “private firms.” They are joined at the hip with government, building a non-democratic web of deceit and control over the public narrative, especially to cover up crimes. Whistle-blowers are systematically murdered or “suicided.” Second, when “private business” becomes so large, it no longer functions for the public good, but instead manipulates and owns the public. This is not “capitalism.” It is monopolistic control of society. In previous times monopolies were illegal, because they bring about fascism, they resist competition and true capitalism, they build huge coffers of illegal money that controls government and overthrows constitutional forms of government.

The control Wall Street and the global private banks now have over governments means they can print any sum of money they please, especially when we are in times of “crisis.” “Crises” are perfect for monopolies. Crises are how monopolies control the narrative and take away public freedom to kill off their competition. See the Covid and climate crises, and many others will be taken advantage of. Climate issues are important but must not be put into the hands of complexly corrupt businesses interests.

So much fake money has been “printed” in recent decades that it seems we only have two options for our future economy. Either the economy crashes and we are taken over by a communist form of the “Great Reset”, which you can read about clearly on the website of the World Economic Forum; or our whole current banking system is transformed. This latter option means the return of constitutional government “for the people,” which takes control of its banks and the debts that have crippled nations and controlled governments are paid out or cancelled.

Recently Facebook alleged that I spoke against the public good: it threatened to suspend my account. This, after almost a year censoring posts that let people know that HCQ significantly helped Covid sufferers. Now, the American Medical Journal and Facebook have both admitted they were wrong. The truth about HCQ was told by leading global experts as far back as March 2019, but the suppression of this truth contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. This is according to scientists. Facebook may now be wishing to cover itself against litigation in this case, but it has not changed. It is still actively blocking free and good speech in so many subjects.

A society that blocks free speech, that punishes experts who share what they believe to be the truth, that takes away their licenses and jobs, that takes down media platforms that don’t toe the line, that carries out violence and legal persecution against those who don’t comply, that murders those who reveal the truth, that uses “false flag events” to take away public freedoms and to increase the powers of dictatorship, is an Hitlerian society. We are already in this kind of society globally. Everything we are seeing today we have seen in history many times before, as dictators built up their powers using all the same processes.

Coming back to Facebook and to “community values,” we have seen up close the kind of values that build communities and the kind of values that destroy community. It is monopolies that destroy community. Monopolies are completely opposed to community values. They rape communities of their resources, leaving the local people impoverished and powerless. The very definition of monopoly means to take away power from others. It is utterly opposed to the God of the bible, who delivers people from centrist power, to rebuild local community in freedom, love and mutual care.

Our life work is to rebuild local lives and communities. We seek to overthrow the power of monopolies, seen in agriculture, trade and industry, that plot to destroy local resilience against their relentless power. This takes away local income, local sustainability, education, jobs and hope, leaving only bitterness and violence among millions of youths in its wake. Then they divide us, secretly sponsoring political and racial protests through their tax free “NGO’s,” by which these monopolies work to take even more power and control. Offshore bank accounts suck billions of dollars out of local communities, literally stolen from the weaker communities, yet the big tech that claims to stand for community justice does nothing credible to turn around this devastating corruption. Instead it profits from it.

One of the false ideas these communists peddle is the claim they are taking away our freedom for the “common good.” Communists revolutions have always claimed this, but the elite have always instead worked for their own interests. “Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.” Many people today are gripped by this deceit, this guilt feeling, that if they object then they don’t care for the common good. At least, this is how society is telling people to see themselves, the social pressure people are put under. So they busy themselves with “virtue signalling,” so they can keep their jobs, and so they will not be mocked by others and become socially rejected or reported by their own peers and family. Anyone who has lived under Communism can see this for what it is.

Then we see a right-wing response which claims that “social justice” was a term invented by the left to conspire against our freedoms. Definitely the term has been used this way, but it wasn’t invented by the left. The Prophets of the Old Testament said plenty about social justice! This left and right-wing way of seeing things needs to be thrown out. The bible speaks of community care that comes from the renewed heart of faith, that comes from the grassroots up, not compelled from top down by a dictatorship. The early church shared their goods and took care to see that none among them suffered. They lived as family, and this is the value they shared with the world, bringing change to the greed and power that controlled it. But is was a willing change. There was no compulsion. They followed Jesus, who gave himself for others, in his sufferings. Jesus compelled no one.

The bible sustains freedom which means free to share, to give, to serve. It does not sustain bondage, whether it is a bondage brought upon us by the state or brought upon us by our own selfish heart. The bible is the only document that describes true freedom and builds genuine community values. Pray for your governments, that they will root out corruption, regulate monopolies and banks and protect local communities under proper constitutional rights.

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