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I have been following with interest the recent events in America with mounting evidence of state and business sponsored election fraud, with a lack of transparency in assessing the true situation, and with censorship or professional retribution against qualified people who try to bring clarity. The same problems are evident in the “Covid pandemic.” Those who peacefully and thoughtfully question the authorised narrative may even be called “domestic terrorists.” What is happening in America today affects us all in all our nations.

I have learned something this last week about what the term “America First” might mean to some people. Since I am not American and not steeped in American history, I don’t know much about the background to this term.

I have been horrified by the use of this term by President Trump as he made his inaugural speech in 2017. It seemed nationalistic. I saw the problems and globalism, mainly its corruption, but we all know what nationalist movements have done in the past in response to previous international injustices. Extreme right-wing movements were hovering on the margins and threatening a dark period of history to return.  After years of globalist destruction of many nations, to punish refugees from these nations seeking lives for themselves shows the worst of our inhumanity.

To understand what “America First” may mean to many Americans, we need to refer to the founding history of the nation. Then Britain ruled the thirteen colonies. The British East India Company operated as a global monopoly of business. European banking cartels controlled the flow of finance. The new Americans wanted companies and banks that operated in the interests of the American people and not in the interests of the global elite. This was largely what the War of Independence was about.

The war was also about a theory on the way in which people should be governed. The United States Declaration of Independence and their Constitution refers to natural law. This is similar to the much earlier English Magna Carta, which held that all people, whether king and commoner, were to be subject to the same law. Our rights as humans come from God and not from the government. The governments’ task is to protect these rights.

The beginning of the United States of America was an experiment in launching a nation of people who would be free from the control of the global elite and free from governments who act as god over the people.

I don’t know how genuine the “founding fathers” were in their intentions, but they spoke of these freedoms and the people responded in coming together to gain a victory over British control. The problem with even our own politicians in these circumstances is that they may use the common people for their own prospects. The first Congress convened in the city of Philadelphia and the army gathered there to demand their wages in arrears. Congress refused and asked the governor of Pennsylvania to disperse the rowdy mob, but the governor felt sympathy for the mob’s cause and refused to act. Congress then sought their own independent site, security and finances, and Washington D.C. was eventually established.

It is normal for such a federal capital to further its own interests over time and nationalising the country’s banking sector seemed a good way of doing this. Some attempts were made in the Nineteenth Century, but it wasn’t until the 1913 that the Federal Reserve was created. This enabled the U.S. federal government to have access to large amounts of money in the years that followed. Today the Federal government has so massively expanded that is it known by many as the “Deep State” with tentacles of control that extend to all the people of America.

This is seen by many “popularists” as a complete infringement of the original constitution of America, where the government now determines what rights are approved or not approved for its citizens. This is no longer “government of the people, for the people, by the people.” Government no longer exists by the permission of the people, but rather subjects the people by its own whim. This is unconstitutional government.

The Federal Reserve is also an organisation controlled by private companies, made up of the nation’s private banks who control the whole banking industry in the nation. These banks are international entities, linked with banks globally. Their interest is in their global operations and profits. They do not exist to serve the interests of the American people, but their own interests, the interests of the wealthy. And the more freedom these banks have on a global level, the more control they have over governments around the world, the more these banks can further their own interests and not the interest of the public.

For example, if the banks do not profit much from local mortgages, then they will not help local people to own their own homes. If these banks don’t profit much by lending to small businesses in local regions, they will divert lending to more lucrative spheres, so these businesses and ordinary people will not be able to raise the finance they need. These large banks take over or buy out smaller banks and local credit unions and direct their policies. The big banks profit far more from global speculative finance markets, and not from developing the communities at a local level. The richer these banks become, the poorer the local people become. Local industry, employment, and home ownership grind to a halt.

So “America First” may not be a call for racism or nationalism. It may be a call to defeat this globalization that profits the elite while taking away the prosperity, prospects, and freedom of the local people. “America First” may identify a movement that is attempting to bring government back from under an aristocracy and feudal system that the American revolution of 1776 was supposed to separate itself from. This battle is very real today. We are at a critical stage in this time in history, very important for us all, no matter what nations we reside in.

People have different motives and support political movements for different reasons. This brief article tries to distil some the elements of “popularism” that are most critical to our freedom, no matter our nation and racial background. These elements affect us all and we need to band together to defeat a new “East India Company”, modern monopolies that want to make us their slaves.

Imagine a world in which those who serve in the military can’t also profit from the weapons industry, where there isn’t a crossover of interests between war and business. Imagine a world in which congress can’t be lobbied by the pharmaceutical industry, and where elections can’t be bought by big business. Imagine a world that wasn’t filled with corruption, as leaders try with increasing levels of illegal activity to cover up wrongful personal enrichment. A deep state is one where the power of the state grows ever larger as more controls are sought to further its own private interests and not the interest of the people they are supposed to serve.

Imagine a state where the people once again control the government, and the people are transformed by the rule of God’s love as revealed in the scripture and cross of Christ. Imagine a world of Jubilee, where the banks don’t own the nations, but instead serve the interests of local families. The people need to be involved again, to rescue our governments and to do it constitutionally, by the rule of law.

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