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Good and Evil: We Need To Make A Stand Today

Many of the things we will speak about in this article were until recently the ideas of conspiracy theories. Now they are being openly spoken about by the World Economic Forum. It is no longer theory. Plans to tag and monitor human beings are unfolding today.

CCTV (the monitoring of the public with close circuit television) was introduced by Germany in 1942. Today Chennai has installed 657 CCTV cameras per kilometre. Beijing has 1.1 million installed in the city. The top 10 cities in the world for current use of CCTV are all Chinese and Indian, with the exception of London, coming in at number 4. Once inaccurate facial recognition is up and running with the 5G network, it will also be employed through an expanding CCTV network through the whole world.

The usual rationale for such surveillance includes crime management. Surveillance is meant to make us feel safer, secure and at peace in our cities. Added to this is the fear of terrorism that has significantly increased over the last 20 years. We have been willing to surrender our privacy because of this fear. Now there is the fear of COVID, and biological warfare more generally. Surveillance technology are now being increased, adding health trackers to our populations.

The potential this kind of social system has for abuse is massive. The main terrorists and criminals are not those we are told CCTV protects us from, but those who own the surveillance systems.  The potential to turn this control to their own profit is blatant and given the monopolistic control these business leaders already exercise over global markets we know they will use every opportunity for their advantage.

The remarkable thing is that the idea that humans would be digitally traced and monitored was the stuff of wild skepticism until 2020. Now the integration of humans with artificial intelligence is spoken of every day as the way to secure our health safety. Without such measures we are told we will never be free to travel safety again. The World Economic Forum is now claiming that unless we embrace personal digital monitoring and cashless economics (called the Fourth Industrial Revolution) we will never be safe.

Markets will only be for those who are digitally connected through the new artificial intelligence systems. These systems will work to discriminate against the weaker economic populations of the world, significantly reducing their population levels in the near future. For the rest of the world, this artificial intelligence will enforce an economic ownership over populations and commerce will be impossible unless we play by the rules of the owners.

Exposing this “system of life” forced upon the world through fear is the fact that there are far better solutions to our problems that are being ignored and censored. The way to deal with civil insecurity, (whether terrorism or other crime) is to bring justice back to our communities by dismantling the monopolistic economic control that has allowed 1% of the world’s population to hold most of the wealth. Surveillance cannot bring peace in a world of injustice. The World Economic Forum has no interests whatsoever in correcting the injustices perpetrated by the elite.

Also, moving away from industrial and genetically modified agriculture, back to developing rich eco-systems that restore our natural environment and biodiversity (while sequestering carbon), would go a long way to improving our health. Increases in allergies and many other poor health conditions in recent decades have been attributed by many studies to the foods we have been eating and to the urban conditions we have been living in, which both lack the biodiversity needed for good health. Instead, the World Economic Forum advocates for advances in genetically modified foods and looks almost exclusively to vaccines as the health solution. But if everyone is constantly vaccinated, our immune systems will soon be incapacitated. The plans of the World Economic Forum are already producing health disasters, which is why Western nations are suffering most from COVID.

By not standing against the plans of the World Economic Forum we are giving up our liberty. Their plans will end human liberty in a very short time frame. Up until now, it has only been dogs and other animals we would tag this way. Once we lock humanity into a system of economics, health and government that is monitored and regulated, there will be no way out. This undermines every part of our democratic way of life that stems from older documents like the Magna Carta, where the law was not allowed to impede the liberty of the innocent person. This form of government will be gone very shortly, to be replaced by a totalitarian economics and society. This is already happening through the Chinese Communist Party.

You could say that this system of governance resembles very closely that described in the Book of Revelation, where only those who received a mark from the economic powers of the day where permitted to buy and sell. This described the economics of the first century controlled by Rome and the elite of Jerusalem. It would describe any dictatorial regime, including Hitler’s, where CCTV monitoring and modern forms of chemical engineering in humans began. This shows again where this modern form of government in the World Economic Forum comes from and where it will lead.

I never thought we would live in this day, but we do. The world is not neutral or benign. There still exists good and evil, just as past atrocities have shown us through history. These forces still exist in the world today. The world has not changed. Most often, we don’t recognize (or don’t want to know) which part is good, and which is evil, until it is too late. We need to make a stand today.

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