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With the various crises we have had, the solution has been to pump trillions of dollars into the global economy to keep it afloat. Whether the 9/ 11 attack on New York, the 2008 bank crisis, the current COVID and government enforced lockdowns, the answer has been to flood the economy with fake money to keep prices in investment portfolios and private wealth high.

People are worrying about this. How long can the US dollar maintain such global increases in its supply before losing its value? No one knows the answer, but many people think the dollar will crash sometime soonish. So people are divesting themselves of cash and buying gold, silver or some other kind of fixed asset. They don’t trust the cash and don’t want to hang onto it if it might lose its value overnight.

This is where the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum comes in. They have a plan to save the world when the economy crashes. This is detailed on their website in their various programs, like the Agenda 21 and the Agenda 2030. They claim capitalism is our problem and that we must evolve into a better form of economic government, with a centralisation of power. This power will buy our houses for us, freeing us from our mortgages, but will also own the houses we live in. It will provide us with a basic income for all. Where have we heard of this before? That’s right, it was the promises of the Bolshevik Revolution. False promises. The elite did well, millions of others were slaughtered.

The central government of the Great Reset will digitalise our identities and all uses of currency, along with our health passports, ensuring we buy the products the government insist we have “for the common good.” We will also have “credit worthiness” if we don’t transgress the narrative of the “community” by saying the “wrong” things or researching forbidden information online. Without this “credit worthiness” we won’t receive our basic income. This is already taking place in China.

We could even say that the global wealth holders are engineering many of the global crises to speed up the global economic crash, to hasten their Great Reset. Bankers have done this many times before. J. P Morgan engineered the crash in the USA before drafting the law adopted by the congress to save the economy: legislation that gave the banks complete control of American and government finance. This kind of conspiracy has occurred over and over, as historical evidence shows.

So this is our future as the Great Reset outlines: further loss of control of our lives and finances to a central economic/ political power. The reason it is our future is because we just sit back and allow it to happen. These banks and governments don’t actually have this legal jurisdiction over us. We just allow them to have it, thinking they have our interests at heart.

According to many others on the internet, there are other people working on a different solution to the looming dollar crash. These people believe that our global currencies should be pinned to some real value, like gold or some other asset. This will stop the control of the banks through the false growth in the money supply, credit and ownership of the debtors.

These people believe that the central banks should be broken up, that finance should be decentralised, that banking should be managed by local jurisdictions, to serve the interests of local industry, the farming community and families, instead of the interests of the global shareholders. Empowered local communities then find solution to environmental problems, health care and community challenges. Centralised power cannot find these solutions. It just pretends to, to increase its own markets and control. It only really cares about its own power and control of others.

The bible paints this same picture as these “others” are trying to bring about in decentralising financial power. When God brought Israel out of the centralism of Egypt, he gave them the tabernacle as their centre. At their centre was no king, but the God of Jubilee, who restored the poor, the salve, the widow and the orphan. This God was there central government, who ruled by a common law of love, rather than an economic law of maximised profits for the shareholder. Each tribe was encamped around the tabernacle, with their own local jurisdiction and judges. They served the other jurisdictions as “brothers,” but did not dominate the other local communities. This is how God’s kingdom comes into our world affairs.

When Israel later wanted to make a king, Samuel warned them seriously that this king would bring financial robbery, war and slavery to their people. This is just what this king did, in the lineage of Solomon. This is the warning about central power, and this is exactly the kind of world we have built today, and the Great Reset will only make this much worse. Ezekiel and Revelation show us the same imagery, of a tabernacle form of government, without human central power dominating the world for its own purposes. We share a liberated world of local communities, supporting one another in sharing. When the World Economic Forum claim they can give us this world, they are lying. They follow the Bolshevik Revolution: “One rule for us: another rule for everybody else.”

Whichever way the world goes in responding to its fear about the soon coming economic crash, we know which way it will end: God’s way. Its his creation, after all. In the meantime, what should we do with all our cash (if we have any) to keep it safe? Simple. Give it away. Jesus told us not to store up wealth where it can be stolen or lose its value. He said that if we are truly his disciples, then we follow him and follow the birds and the flowers that “trust” in God’s provision for their future: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

But still, many people store up cash and eventually lose it in various investments. Then it is gone forever. But if we “lose” our money by supporting each other we build peace and a secure future. Then we don’t need camera surveillance all through our cities. We won’t need the Great Reset to “protect” us from our enemies because we serve our enemies instead. This is the way Jesus told us to live in the kingdom of God: his solution. Supporting one another is investing in our future communities for our children and investing in eternity. We cannot lose our investment this way because our true investment is in our values, not in our transient wealth. Our values are our wealth. This is what Jesus advised, and added, “Why do you call me Lord and do not do the things I say?”

It’s hard to obey Jesus, but it’s harder not to obey, as we may soon find out. We better wake up before it’s too late.

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