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The United Nations
“They Shall Beat Their Swords into Ploughs”
Christian Foundations & Current Christian Attitudes
by Kent Hodge

The United Nations isn’t some indispensable institution fulfilling God’s purposes in the world. However, many of its foundational and operational principles come solidly from the scripture and especially from the person and teachings of Christ.

The United Nations was born to a large extent on the teachings of the church, at a time when the church was leaving these teachings behind and embarking on a new course of separation.

Earlier, the church’s teaching was that through a new heart, we forsook our individualism and went into the world to renew the poor and those trodden down by the world’s empires, including our own national empires. But with a personal shift towards middle-class aspirations, a new negative view of the world and its future excused our separation from its suffering.

While this book examines some of our attitudes towards the United Nations, it challenges us to find our former servant calling. Instead of drawing away from the world, we should be part of its suffering, to bring the likeness of Christ into the hurt the world is going through.

“Com-passion” literally means “to suffer with.” It is the passion of the Christ. This is the church’s true mission.

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