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When the Covid-19 crisis broke out and spread to Italy, Spain, and the UK we were perplexed as to what this “pandemic” would come to. Nigeria has experienced serious epidemics, like Ebola, and Lassa Fever, and knows how to handle such outbreaks. Both these diseases are much more deadly than Covid-19, both on Britain’s list of High Consequence Infectious Diseases, while Covid-19 was taken off this list in March 2020. We were shocked by the draconian lockdowns in country after country, following the style of totalitarian China. I lived through a worse flu outbreak in 1968 – 1969, which killed millions of people. I caught the flu in that outbreak, and it was very potent, but there was none of the alarmism associated with Covid-19 today. Our thought on Covid-19 at the start was that it would go through the population, and that the vulnerable should be protected. When they locked down the whole population, we knew the impact this would have on the poor everywhere. It was a measure to protect those who could live comfortably with lockdown.

And this is what happened in Nigeria. People totally dependent on wages or daily labour were locked up at home without any money for daily living. The fear generated by the global press caused hospitals to shut down so the virus wouldn’t spread in those facilities. Millions of people who needed medications and surgeries for other conditions much worse than Covid-19 were left with nothing and many died. The poverty level of the country rose significantly over the lockdown period. Though the virus killed very few people, schools were shut and are still closed as I write this at the end of September, though it has been clear for months that this virus is not a danger to the nation. Already over 10.5 million children in Nigeria have no chance to attend school. This lockdown means that most of the other children have missed a whole year of school and many of their teachers are without pay. They cannot learn online, receive government bailouts, or have Amazon deliver their favourite books to read. And yet the WHO ensures the nation follows these rigorous lockdown measures that are clearly doing far more harm than good. The dictatorial nature of the WHO has been the biggest shock, taking health completely out of the hands of the doctor/ patient relationship, something that hasn’t been done since Nazi Germany.

Early in the Nigerian Covid-19 experience we heard some people express their response to the crisis in biblical apocalyptic terms. 5G and Bill Gates were described as the beast and the coming vaccine as the mark of the beast. It wasn’t only Christians who saw it this way. This shocked us at first. It seemed incredible, especially to those of us who live in better conditions. This “pandemic” has exposed a marked distinction, in many ways, between the elite and others. One of those ways is that in elitism, those qualified to speak are carefully selected, and the others are discounted, even mocked. But we began to see that if those who are accustomed to the oppression of global corruption reach into the biblical apocalyptic narrative to express their pain, then this isn’t a voice to be discredited. This voice has more “data” behind it than “accredited mainline voices.” If people have had years of experience of monopolies ruining local businesses and of pharmaceutical companies using them as guinea pigs in testing new drugs and vaccines, profiting from them through exorbitant prices for patented drugs, pushing for the abortion of their children rather than the repair of their communities, then it is no wonder they dip into the only language they have to express their sufferings: and biblical language was written to just this kind of people for this reason, to give them hope of God’s justice, which is real, if not in this life, then certainly in the next. So, our response changed, from despising the poor, to judging ourselves. We still have no respect for “gospel ministers” who use apocalyptic themes to scare parishioners and manipulate them to their own advantage. That is another matter.

The next thing we heard was some hope that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) may help those suffering from Covid-19 to recover. This was from Chinese hospital reports and from treatment carried out by the highly qualified and experienced Doctor Didier Raoult. We heard that HCQ was shown to be effective in animal tests for SARS1. This news came as people were dying in large numbers in the UK, and yet the authorities banned the use of HCQ on the basis that “it is a dangerous drug.” This was a shock because we know through years of experience it is not dangerous. The drug has been used for over six decades, with billions of doses given out over the counter all over the world. But stories were put out, like people drinking disinfectant, to make any person taking non-approved drugs look a fool. A herbal cocktail made in Madagascar in genuine laboratory conditions, based on the plant Artemisia annua, was said to help towards Covid-19 sufferers. Artemisia annua had long been suppressed by the WHO because it is a cheap and highly effective treatment for malaria, better than approved pharmaceutical company drugs which are expensive. We couldn’t understand why the WHO was bending over backwards to ban the use of proven drugs for Covid-19 sufferers who couldn’t afford expensive treatments like ventilators, that have since proven to be dangerous. And why not give a very cheap, non-patented drug (like HCQ) to those dying when there is no other hope? The bans just didn’t make any sense. There was a distinct demeaning of African and Asian knowledge and contribution. The suspension of doctors for healing their patients with HCQ, just like doctors have been suspended for refusing on conscience to abort babies, shows again that we resemble Nazism.

But as the crisis has continued the potency of HCQ in treating Covid-19 has been established as a scientific fact. Since the early days of this “pandemic” HCQ has been used by thousands of doctors. Highly qualified scientists and doctors in many nations have fully endorsed it. Scores of valid scientific tests have been carried out to show its efficacy. Thousands of the most vulnerable patients have been cured by its use. Study after study, doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, bear this out, but to quote just one: Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine, claims he has never seen more scientific evidence for a drug in his whole career than for HCQ in treating Covid-19. He said it would save tens of thousands of lives in America alone, if used. He said its rejection is entirely political and has nothing to do with science. “The evidence is overwhelming showing HCQ is effective for high risk patients. It is beyond question.” Statements like this have extremely serious implications. Studies attempting to prove the case against HCQ, published in leading scientific journals, were later rescinded, found to be fake. One published by the Lancet was based on fraudulent data. Others used incorrect protocols. Leaders of journals, like the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, have been filmed in private meetings stating that their journals have been reduced to advertising outlets for pharmaceutical companies and the science is no longer for the public good. (France 24 News.) We wondered why this happened.

Then we learned of the vested interests in organisations like the WHO. Pharmaceutical companies have overwhelming influence in its health policies. In the Swine Flu outbreak in 2009, the WHO changed its definition of “pandemic” to force Western nations to invest fortunes in a Swine Flu vaccine largely not required or used, making massive profits for the pharmaceutical companies. When the first study came out in favour of HCQ in treating Covid-19, the value of Gilead (the company that produces the extremely expensive, WHO approved but far less effective drug remdesivir) fell by $21 billion. Several officials in the American health service have financial connections to Gilead. Dr Anthony Fauci (Chief Pandemic Advisor in the US) has financial connections to the Wuhan (China) laboratory that was conducting “gain of function” research on patented coronaviruses at the time of the outbreak, which began in Wuhan. Studies done on large numbers of people show that recent flu vaccines increase the chances of being infected with a coronavirus, which according to experts like Immunologist Professor Dolores Cahill, could lead to cytokine storms in elderly people. Bill Gates has invested huge amounts of money in major media outlets, research institutes and regulatory advisory bodies, with heavy interests in the new technologies he is pushing. We saw that the vested interests in this “pandemic” are massive and that there is no regulation by the government to prevent this kind or investment or control. Why would such a thing happen? One reason is that the pharmaceutical industry is the number one lobbyist of government in the world. If these interests are causing thousands of people to die because HCQ and other effective protocols have been banned or silenced, then this would be criminal. Where is the independence in our public health bodies?

Then the obvious question that comes up is why governments would allow this to happen. Are our governments really pawns of these strong industries? We began to find out that yes, they are. The research of many leading economists shows this to be the case. Thomas Piketty, in Capital in the Twenty-First Century, shows that governments today form a global oligarchy. Prabhat Patnaik, Professor Emeritus at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, shows that if this capitalist oligarchy isn’t restructured it will lead to fascism. We could quote many others. In 1992, Prime Minister John Major found the UK was powerless to defend its currency in the face of global traders. The international flow of finance is now so large its movements in and out of nations controls their economy. Nations have lost their sovereignty. This loss of sovereignty now extends to any matter in which global capital presses. This fact along with government corruption (large interchange of career opportunities between government and corporate positions) ensures that governments only serve the interests of their electorates to the extent that international private sector forces allow them. This is regardless of their campaign promises and regardless of whether the government is “left” or “right.” Here is just one example of the “musical chairs” between government and monopolies, reported in the Telegraph: the Chief Scientific Adviser of the UK for its Covid-19 response, Sir Patrick Vallance, was formerly President of Glaxo-Smith Kline, the company now working on a coronavirus vaccine. He was given shares in the company valuing today at £6.1 million. If this is why lockdown is advised and HCQ is banned, then implications are very serious indeed. It used to be illegal for such a conflict of interests to exist. The fact that such is allowed shows something is very wrong.

The danger of monopolies is their ability to influence government through their control of global wealth. Stefania Vitali, James Glattfelder and Stefano Battiston in The Network of Global Corporate Control, show that corporate interrelationships significantly centralise control of global wealth. In 2011, Roger Altman, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton claimed that financial markets were “acting like a global supra-government… they have become the most powerful force on earth.” Today’s economic collapse in lockdown hasn’t affected the elite. Leading billionaires have increased their personal wealth by more than a trillion dollars in 2020. The New York stock market has hit record levels, while economies have gone into recession and millions into unemployment. Just as in the 2008 crash, the rich are corruptly handed massive bailouts while poverty increases for the working class and developing nations. We can now see two economies, one for the rich in speculative assets, while investment in the real economy declines. (See Ioannis Varoufakis.) This increased level of speculative funding drives up housing prices for the lower income earners and drives down the currencies, wages, and savings of millions of people in weaker nations. It’s a massive theft of wealth from the poor to the rich and has been justified by “trickledown economics,” the false claim that deregulating the economy allows it to naturally lift the poor. The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum is a planned economic restructuring that requires “crises” to accelerate. Nations signed on to this Great Reset again at the Davos Conference in 2019. The speaker of the British House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, recently said that lockdown should be extended to turn around climate change, deliberately tanking the economy even further. The elite prosper in an economic collapse they claim is for the common good.

So, today, if these corporate powers wish to restructure our economies, to further control labour markets, to close or buy smaller corporations and assume market control, and if they wish to profit from future pharmaceutical plans and new digital technologies, health passports, cashless economy, then governments are largely powerless to stop them. The pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in the world. Emerging digital technologies, such as ID2020 and data collection through 5G, if they go global and are enforced, will be even more profitable and at the same time more controlling of populations and of our life choices. And if, in the midst of this, the draconian measures of China are held up by the press as our only hope in our current health scare, then the system works according to their plan. When we “follow the money” (as the wisdom goes), this is where it leads. We are now used to being herded like sheep. When we are in debt and our jobs are threatened, we are very easy to corral.

However, in 2020 we heard many experts who didn’t support this “herd narrative.” Most of the Covid-19 deaths are elderly; not as many elderly died in 2019 as normal, meaning more than usual numbers of elderly people were vulnerable in 2020; death figures “for Covid” have been manipulated; the death rate from Covid-19 for infected persons is possibly as low as 0.02%; the most dangerous places for the spread of the deadly infection was in poorly equipped infectious disease hospital wards and poorly protected nursing homes due to poor investment, a result of austerity enforced by neo-liberalist governments; herd immunity is a better strategy given other coronaviruses, T-cell and other forms of immunity already in our communities; questions about PCR testing and associated scare-mongering; the constant lie that we need social distancing because we have no cure. “We know it’s curable. It’s easier to treat than flu.” (Professor Thomas Borody, St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, Mayo Clinic New York.) HCQ protocols; Ivermectin, Doxycycline and Zinc; inhaled steroids; intravenous Vitamin C (used successfully in China, which we saw from a review of their hospital testament records) just to name a few. Early treatment is key.

See Professor Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology, the University of Oxford; Professor Carl Heneghan, Director, Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, and his colleague Doctor Tom Jefferson; Professor Karol Sikora Consultant Oncologist and Professor of Medicine, University of Buckingham. They wrote an open letter to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, urging him that lockdown is not required and is harmful.  In this letter they estimated that 60,000 people will die in the UK from cancer, because they weren’t able to receive treatment during the lockdown. This is just one health condition. Also see data presented by Ivor Cummins, Biochemical Engineer. We learnt that Professor Michael Levitt, a biophysicist, and Nobel Prize winner, of Stanford University, demonstrated prior to UK’s lockdown in March 2020 that Imperial College’s prediction of 500,000 Covid-19 deaths in the UK was wrong by a multiple of ten, but was ignored. The same staff at Imperial had been drastically wrong in previous “pandemic” predictions. Levitt was proved correct. However, Imperial’s model is still guiding government strategies.

Something is wrong when these issues are silenced, when governments invest more in surveillance and personal protective equipment (PPE) for police to enforce draconian measures than they do in PPE for nurses who care for the sick. Government should soften its hand, take up a more caring strategy. Current government policies look like draconian neo-liberalism enforcing its economic will while destroying the businesses of many people. Governments have been lying, suppressing the full truth about Covod-19 to introduce curfews, separate children from their friends, arrest and detain people indefinitely, place masses of people under virtual house arrest, arrest and mischaracterise peaceful protesters, authorise “brownshirts” in communities with police powers to arrest the public just on suspicion to hold without charge, separate people from dying family members, make it unlawful to leave Australia, torture people in a kind of solitary confinement and cut them off from social touch with other humans. Governments with no genuine transparency or public accountability, introducing forms of Nazism we would never have previously thought possible. Constitutional rights have been suspended in many nations. This is far too risky to tolerate from this oligarchy, no matter the reason. People should be treated instead like adults. Former Premier of Victoria in Australia, Jeff Kennett, said never before in Australia, during war or peace, has the Westminster form of government been so threatened.

So, what can we do about this? There are three suggestions here, similar to those we covered in the previous chapter. First, our eyes need to be open about the world we live in. It is corrupt and its narrative favours the rich. It’s the same story we see in the Revelation, the apocalyptic text about the oppression of the poor by the elite of Rome and Jerusalem in the first century. The people were advised by Christ to take medicine for their eyes, rather than, first of all for our bodies, that they might see. “You say you are rich but are poor (blind.)” (Rev 3:18) They were called to identity with the rejected, as Christ did. We live in similar apocalyptic times. While we fascinate ourselves with the latest gizmos of our “progressive technologies,” we are increasingly enslaved in an impersonal society in which we aren’t allowed to think freely. We need to wake up and value the kingdom of God instead. In past times when power and wealth dominated a corrupt landscape, monks took to their prayer rooms to rediscover the truth and shared it in renewing communities. We may not be literal monks today, but we must follow their path back home.

Second, our hope lies in redeveloping genuine healthy conditions, in building ecosystems and food systems that nourish our bodies and immune systems instead of turning our selves more and more into nations of people with “co-morbidities.”  If we rely of the coronavirus vaccine, “voluntarily” accepted through social and professional coercion, we put ourselves at ever increasing risk. They will do to us what GMO’s and pesticides have done to our environment. The new mRNA technology employed in the coming coronavirus vaccine is untested. It manipulates our DNA the same way GMO’s do in plants. This puts us on the wrong path, where we look for biotechnology to solve our problems, leading us more and more away from our humanness into artificial intelligence as our hope.  All the interventions of the WHO against Covid-19, locking us inside, separating us from other people, the wearing of masks, and the reliance on yearly flu and coronavirus vaccines, when applied to the population as a whole, lead to further breakdown of our immune systems and vulnerability to outbreaks in the future. We can’t say the science supports these measures, because many scientists, ignored by government and media, say otherwise. Experts such as Professor Sunetra Gupta and Swedish experts, are ignored and misrepresented, and many leading world experts are censored by falsely so-called “independent fact-checkers.” Rebuilding natural ecosystems, returning to healthier levels of deurbanization, establishing natural farming, producing healthy food, will fortify us against future outbreaks of infectious diseases. Medical interventions are necessary, but they cannot replace our natural systems of health. These natural systems must be rebuilt as our priority.

As mentioned in the previous chapter there are many factors in farming ecosystems that benefit, until the ecosystem gets out of balance and a monoculture sets in. A diversity of plants builds diversity in insect life, meaning one insect is unlikely to dominate and cause a plague. Diseases also can become more prevent in animals when biodiversity is lacking, and one virus becomes dominant. Then we become more reliant on vaccines. The human body contains multiple bacteria and viruses that form positive roles, but a problem may occur when their normal relationships break down. The RNA of SARS2 is similar to human RNA and one mystery is why SARS2 is harmful to some people and harmless to most. Crops, animals, and humans are related in how we seek to build healthier conditions for viruses and bacteria to work for our good. If we just default to the “kill syndrome,” we may not be rebuilding the health foundations we need. It’s hitting the balance between Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp.

Third, and this follows more closely with the previous chapter, the important solution is the development of local economies of health, rather than allowing monopolies to exploit our local economies and leave us impoverished. Ideally, we need collaboration between international and local scientists and laboratories in the discovery and use of effective medicines, especially from local plant life. About 70% of modern pharmaceutical products come from natural plants. This knowledge needs to be further developed in a way that profits local communities and not global monopolies. Governments need to intervene for this to happen, to reverse monopolistic power.

But we don’t wait for governments to do this. It won’t be easy in our current global economic climate. Governments certainly need everything we can do to encourage them in this direction. But meanwhile there are other things we can do. If we are medical practitioners, we can look for treatments, wherever possible, that steer patients towards drugs developed and sold more justly. We can support those industries that are local, where possible, or those industries that are trying to break through the monopoly stranglehold. Support the David, not the Goliath.

This year CFM contacted Professor Noel Wannang, of the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Jos, Nigeria. He is the Lead Researcher, Plateau State Research Team on COVID-19 & Other Infectious Diseases. He is also the Director of General Studies University of Jos & Secretary General of West African Post Graduate College of Pharmacists. In developing a prophylactic and therapeutic remedy for Covid-19, Professor Wannang and his team “went into a herbal search, conducted in silico studies (a study performed on computer or via computer simulation) and obtained an array of about a 100 different plant materials taking into consideration the phytochemical properties of these plants. Eventually, 13 plants with excellent antiviral properties were selected. These 13 plants were further subjected to other analysis and it was discovered that 10 of them could be used in the treatment of microbes including viruses such as COVID. Combinatorial analyses were carried out for the 10 plants, and the team came out with 3 combinations of agents that could be used for the treatment. Another formulation called Netizen, which can be used as herbal tea was also discovered.” (From an interview conducted with CFM.) This treatment is in stage four of clinical trials.

Professor Wannang spoke of ways in which research bodies can collaborate to further this science. This is his earnest desire, and he and many others are well-qualified to enter into this collaboration. Presently, economic structures work to suppress local research that doesn’t directly profit the major corporations that syphon off wealth from African and other nations.

Last year CFM started a nursery that raises up trees from seedlings to plant around Wurin Alheri and nearby locations. It’s part of our desire to see the local environment and ecosystems restored. This year we have also started a herbery, to raise up local herbs that are commonly authorized for medical treatments. This enables local people to have treatments they can afford, that are also tested and approved for the correct doses, reducing mishaps from self-medication. As monopolistic systems push these local treatments out of our hospitals it means millions of people take these treatments in self-medication. By including these in the approved system of health in our nations we have the following advantages:

  • Appropriate dosage at safe levels are provided with good educational backing for patients.
  • It allows patients to be treated at prices they can afford, rather than being priced out by unaffordable patented products.
  • It develops local knowledge of plants that otherwise wouldn’t be available to the international community. Vitaly important discoveries for health breakthroughs could be made here, that monopolies currently restrict.
  • It enables the local economy to grow because local resources are being accessed and turned into local wealth on the global markets.

Africa doesn’t need philanthropy as much as it needs this kind of market justice and genuine collaboration. Global forces must be made to stop treading local regions under their feet and instead to work for the good of us all. We will all profit from this, locally and internationally. As each region prospers it contributes to the economy and contributes to our overall health services. Stifling local regions while supporting them only in part in philanthropy is a crime against us all, but especially against the weakest.

In Nigeria, as in most of the world, hospitals operate under the strong influence of pharmaceutical companies majorly owned by the global monopolies. The training the doctors receive within this system and the treatments they offer to patients are those approved by the monopolies. Only drugs offered within this system have the approved testing to be allowed in this profession. It is said to be in the patient’s interest, but it is also definitely to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical companies. This is where government regulatory independence is needed, without the lobbying from the industry, to ensure that all products that are good can go through the rigours of the testing processes and be accessed by patients at affordable prices.

Nigeria also allows “traditional” medicines to be legally sold to patients in other commercial outlets. But these are routinely demeaned. The pharmaceutical industry demeans them through its educational processes and advertising. It has tried to outlaw them, and has succeeded in some nations, but not in all. The culture also often imbibes the idea that only processed foods and medicines, from expensive companies, are sophisticated enough to be worthy of our use. There is a personal status in these expensive products that demeans local products that would lift their home economy. It’s the same in dress fashion. It is media driven exploitation. The local economy and its development always suffer as a result. Even pastors demean that which is local as “shamanism,” as backward, not knowing they are playing into the hands of those who would keep their nations down. These pastors fail to distinguish between shamanism and genuine herbal knowledge, demeaning both, all for prestige, to be honoured by those internationally who demean what they don’t know, often for the sake of economic dominance.

Just as we found in our previous chapter, a return to the simple things is what the kingdom of God is about. That is why it starts with a child. It is a return to the village, to the rural, to the soil, to that which is local and not of international repute. This is where our revival is. Chasing the esteemed will lead us further into exploitation and the destruction of our local environments. Our central values must change. We must put off the programming of our commercial world which benefits only the elites’ own pockets. Without doing this we cannot have peace. Peace can only come from justice, and justice must start from our hearts, from what we value.

CFM has the desire to combine both traditional medicines and those of our hospital pharmaceuticals, in a licensed and approved system of health that benefits from the best that we all have to offer. CFM desires to help prevent a monopolistic system from dominating our health services, so we can esteem each one, and have genuine fellowship in promoting the contribution that is good from all our nations and regions. We desire to bring down the prices for our patients. In doing this, we wish to promote the good that the local community has to offer, to promote the local economy, to promote affordable health, to promote the culture where patents don’t dominate human need, and where local medicines can be properly tested and approved scientifically so all people can benefit from them. We are praying that our relationship with Professor Wannang and many others we shall meet will lead us into a holistic health system, that is also economically holistic, that contributes towards local recovery and peace. We cannot have peace where monopolies exist. We can only have peace through mutual love, respect, contribution, and profit sharing in justice.

Holism is the way of the Torah. God gave “the leaves of the trees for the healing of the nations.” As we build our permanent hospital at Wurin Alheri, this is the future we wish to explore, and God willing, see unfold. This holism is one reason why scripture says God’s word is the source of health. God’s word (Christ himself) leads us to the relationships and environmental conditions that promote wellbeing. A materialistic philosophy has become a monopoly of thought in science today, causing us to reject the ethics that promote holism and peace. This system can’t end in health.

Remember, CFM’s aim all along is to understand underlying strategies that build peace. Isaiah’s message was that while the governments of his day thought draconian measures were the way to quell the public in a climate of injustice, rather, God advised the opposite: a softening of force and an increase in care to restore communities and family life.  The kings then and governments in recent times claim that centralising power and wealth is the solution to global challenges. But the scriptures teach the opposite: as power and wealth are decentralised then local communities and families have the resilience to meet crises and overcome them democratically. President Roosevelt broke up monopolies after the Great Depression, warning that concentrated wealth led to fascism. President Eisenhower also warned of an elitist technocracy that would take over government. Founding fathers of America warned that patents would build monopolies that would take away freedom as much as the East India Company of the UK had done to many.

The motivation driving CFM here is to look for ways that return ability to our remote regions. We are one people, so we cannot prosper in sustainability while these communities do not. We can see the flow of resources out of local communities to the Western nations, including a brain-drain of the best people. This is what Babylon did to its satellite regions, which was why Daniel and his friends were taken to Babylon. Even the kings of Israel did this. The villages were stripped bare. The West is still a colonial empire that God wants to free the people from. Isaiah called this a “return from exile,” to rebuild local family in security. The West sucks out all the best doctors, while millions from their home nations have zero doctors. This cannot lead to peace. We must turn things around, so power and wealth flow back in the other direction, back into local regions. There must be a decentralisation. For medical crises like Covid-19 it means local communities having the infrastructure and freedom to handle the crisis in the best way for all concerned. Neo-liberalism will never allow this.

This is the form of government and economics the bible speaks of. God delivered Israel from the centralisation of power and wealth under Pharaoh’s rule. They came into the Wilderness, where they encamped around the tabernacle, in secure village scenes, replicating the image of God at their centre: a God who restores the slave from Egypt and calls his people to do the same for others. He decentralised power and wealth back to the poor, the refugee, the people at the margins. This was his witness to new creation. Ezekiel shows this new creation in apocalyptic, symbolic terms. Gog and Magog are the powers of injustice, the elite of Jeruslem and Rome in the first century. The twelve tribes camped around the temple are the new Israel, people who share peace and security in decentralisation: no big man, corporation, or nation at the top: no stealing by a central economic or political power, but people working out their lives in fellowship. The early church was a living witness to this. Their table of care, in which there was no Jew nor Greek, no slave nor free, no rich nor poor, no male nor female, shows this new economic vision of sharing. They sold their houses and cared for those in need. These values completely overcome the values we often hold today. This is the people of Ezekiel’s vision, and we see them again in the new heavens and new earth in Revelation 21 – 22. This is what CFM desires to live out, in practical ways, restoring these values to raped and destroyed regions.

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