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This article describes what I believe to be a coup that has taken place in America and is also taking place in the majority of nations in the world. The article ends with a reflection on the Exodus from Egypt under Moses and Isaiah’s “return from exile” in comparison.

This coup has been going on for many decades. President Eisenhower described it. He said there was a danger of the military industrial complex becoming so large that it acts in its own interests and not in the interest of the nation. Early American fathers described the same scenario in regard to the rise of monopolies. They called them “factions” and limited the use of patents for this reason. They said patents that extended beyond a few years would give companies such monetary power that they would threaten the government and interests of the American people. They would instead act only in their own interests.

The American Revolution was in part to deliver the people from exactly this condition. The British East India Company exercised a monopoly over British colonies and over Britain itself. Even the king of Britain wanted to alleviate taxes in America, but the company wouldn’t allow him to. The Americans wanted to make a nation where such a condition could not occur again. They wanted people to be sovereign, not owned by corporate interests, banks or debt that they owed. They wanted a government that would protect their “inalienable rights.” That is, these rights came from God and not from the government at its pleasure.

That is, sovereignty did not extend down to the people through the pleasure of the “divine representative,” being the king or other governmental form. Government was to be “of and for the people,” not over the people. Government was the people’s servant. People may dispute this, claiming Romans 13 states government is God’s servant over the people. However, reading Romans this way conflicts with the story of scripture.

Humanity is made in the image of God: not as the pagan kings claimed, saying rulers only were the image of God, and humanity their subjects. The Exodus becomes relevant here. Humanity was delivered from slavery to a king and became a family of local jurisdictions made in God’s image, to show the image of Jubilee to each other. There was no central king or government. Samuel warned them about taking a king: he would tax them, take their land, their daughters as wives and their sons he would spend in wars. So Romans 13 wasn’t describing the kind of government God wishes for, but at the time it was all they had.

But God’s form of government isn’t easily held. Just as the Israelites gave it up for king Saul, so today there are many selfish and strong interests manipulating circumstances to take more power. Freedom takes vigilance. To claim these powers do not work covertly in their own interests, sneaking up on an uncircumspect public to take them over, and to claim that such ideas necessarily constitute “conspiracy theories” denies the whole of history and reality. When Europe laboured under such powers in the form of the aristocracy in the Middle Ages, movements arose to throw them off, or at least to tame them. These included various revolutions, the Reformation and the Evangelicals, who worked for the rule of law in protecting human value.

One such covert operation lead to the launch of the American Federal Reserve, or central bank. J P Morgan undertook measures to promote the collapse of the banks in America in the early twentieth century. He then met with other major bank leaders and ensured they agreed to a new bill to put before congress to launch a central bank. The government was given “no choice” but to accept this bill and in 1913 the Federal Reserve was opened, which is led by private banks, whose job it is to ensure their own interests globally. Just as the early Fathers tried to avoid, the American economy was once again being run by people whose own interests came before the interest of America.

We are now used to this kind of central banking. It likes to put people in permanent indebtedness. My mother taught me that debt was bad, and we should save before we spend. My mother told me to trust people who lived this way. In the 1980’s banks had turned this over. They told me they wouldn’t trust me unless I had a “credit rating,” unless I borrowed money. The community bank became a thing of the past. Banks were now behemoths (no different to those pagan monsters in the Old Testament) that ravaged local jurisdictions for their own interest. This invalidates the whole “global warming” movement. Centralised power does not care for local environments but is the very culprit that destroys them.

An example of the corporate sector of America working against the interest of their nation was their relationship with Adolf Hitler. Corporations and banks of America helped finance Hitler’s rise to power and war effort, giving them a place within the German economy that would continue after the war, but also assisting him to kill Allied soldiers. In 1934 there was an attempted Nazi coup in America led by oligarchs of Wall Street. They chose Marine Gen. Smedley Butler to lead 500,000 armed veterans against government centres, however after Butler had secured full information about the movement, he blew the whistle. President Roosevelt took almost no action against the oligarchy, not wanting to destabilise the economy, and the affair slipped silently into the past.

Staring from the 1970’s the economy was further “liberalised,” meaning corporations could amalgamate more freely, could shift large sums of capital across national borders and expand their business associations with the Communist government of China, despite its even worse record with human rights. Soon these capital flows became larger than the wealth of whole nations. Government ministers around the world could either play ball (and reap the bribes) or suffer humiliation as stronger forces punished their national economy. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in this way forced loans onto developing nations, stripping the wealth of the poorest, which became untraceable in offshore secret accounts, legalised in the “liberalisation.”

Tax freedom was allowed through “charities,” releasing billions into revolutionary movements around the world, bringing instability and changing governments, with death to many and suffering to numbers of refugees never before seen. “Charitable foundations” act as fronts for new lucrative markets, supported by propaganda from sponsored media, research and education. “Liberalisation” impacted Wall Street, allowing “naked short selling,” trading stocks down to break corporations or to profit from reselling their shares. Experts estimate that $100 trillion has been stolen from the public in this way. Another $100 trillion has been made in drug and human trafficking, with the CIA and Pentagon acting as the mafia protecting global oligarchs. $100 trillion more has been made through the Federal Reserve in crises like 9/ 11, the 2008 crash, Covid-19 and routine money creation.

The entire world has been raped. The more unjust the world becomes the more human freedoms have to be taken away to ensure compliance and stability.

This brings us up to the time of Clinton and Trump, both vying for the 2016 presidential election. Obama was concluding his eight years in office, having received the Nobel Peace Prize at the start of his tenure, before going on to launch wars in Syria, Libya and Ukraine that have devastated millions of lives. I don’t know where he achieved peace. He was also bent on destroying the church in America. It seems those who look most holy and sedate on the outside (with the most virtue signals) are the most dangerous. Hillary looked determined to cut the same path, with even greater zeal. The future looked glum.

Enter Trump, a reality TV star, wrestling magnate and “dubious” property developer. A hero for the right wing? “Make America Great Again!” What would this mean. Was he the Christian’s weapon against their enemies, like Constantine and the Holy Crusades of old? Where did he fit in with the teachings of Christ? It seemed at this election, America and the world were between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea. But Trump was a Washington “outsider” and said he would “drain the swamp.” Could such a man be trusted with the red bottom in the Oval Office?

After their loss, the Democrats went to work to impeach Trump, first with allegations of Russian collusion in the election. General Michael Flynn was eventually imprisoned over these false charges. Attorney Sidney Powell also eventually dug up the evidence and in court proved Fynn’s innocence and won his release. The highest officials in the land had perjured themselves in this fiasco. Trump, his associates and his businesses were spied upon through illegal surveillance by the intelligence agencies and they found nothing on him. These perjury and espionage crimes still go unpunished.

Then again, they impeached Trump on the Ukraine phone call matter, without any trial on the evidence. The intelligence agencies had information to prove Trump was innocent in the matter, and that he was acting to clear America of corruption in the Ukraine region, implicating Biden and his family. Those implicated in the corruption have still not been tried in a court. The second impeachment on the January 6th storming of the Washington Capital building was again a false trial, without tabling a shred of evidence. This storming was actually a planned event with Antifa, a false flag event, like Hitler burning down the Reichstag to blame the Communists, to thrust himself to power.

I admit that when Trump came to power, I feared he could use an “emergency” to suspend the constitution. Some of those people around him concerned me. He had several opportunities to do just this but didn’t move an inch in that direction. During the Covid crisis, he could have assumed more powers. When state governors flexed their muscles against him, he could have assumed more powers for the “sake of the nation’s health.” When Antifa rioted, burned down areas in many cities and took over some centres as their own armed jurisdictions (renta-thugs, paid by Soros’s charities), Trump didn’t do anything to build central power. Trump knew the events of 2020 were orchestrated to bring down his government. When the election was stolen from Trump, his only response was through legal avenues. None of his supporters went out to riot for him. Trump had several opportunities to enhance his power but took none of them.

I do not support Trump. Only God is good and faithful. But I support coups even less. And the evidence is overwhelming that the last American election was nothing short of a coup: a domestic and international coup organised by the oligarchs. However, Trump kept most of the promises he made when campaigning for the 2016 election. I don’t remember many politicians doing this before. We mightn’t like his promises, but he seems to have meant what he said. I hate walls. Refugees must be cared for. They are humans. I loathe nationalism. I prefer the Good Samaritan. But the illegal trafficking of humans and drugs is a genuine issue. I also realised that “Make America Great Again” means different things to different people. I have come to believe that to Trump it means to bring America back under the constitution of the Founding Fathers, to free it from the global control of the banks and oligarchs, to make power serve local regions, and not local regions become impoverished for the sake of central power.

Since Biden came to power, he has embarked on an open business policy with the Communist party of China. Canada also quivers in its boots at the slightest displeasure of Beijing. Despite Beijing’s atrocious record for human rights (concentration camps, forced abortions, slavery, human trafficking, human organ harvesting, population surveillance, disappearing citizens for non-compliance, etc, all ongoing today), China now has access to America’s power grids and communications infrastructure. Many leaders of the American congress have business interests in China. Their political careers have made them multimillion-heirs. The fact that none of this is frowned on anymore and is not illegal is breath-taking. It just doesn’t make sense. Ministers are no longer servants of the people, but lord over the people in harsh rule to maintain their privileges.

But this isn’t only America’s problem. It is all of ours. Their demise impacts many others. Their failure to uphold democratic elections is the beginning of the fall of many nations. The further rise of the oligarchs, now in greater league with the Communist party of China, gives them even more control of over our economic futures. And with the Communist style of handling competition coming to the foreground, it bodes very badly for our future social and political lives. The World Economic Forum and its Great Reset, its Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 programs, put us on track to a totally centralised form of global power that will reshape all our lives in a totalitarian government. We will have no choice in the decisions that these unelected powers will make over us. Their global coup is enhanced if this American coup stands.

It is becoming mandatory to take the new Covid vaccine. People are losing their jobs, people won’t be allowed to fly, enter stores or attend events without the vaccine. The government hides behind private enterprise making these rules. The merging of the private sector with public bodies, claiming it allows us to benefit from the expertise of the business elite, results in a conflict of interests. The merged sectors function in the interests of the oligarchies and not in the interests of the people: “No one can serve two masters.” We end up being forced to take an untested vaccine, because the officials who tell us to are the same ones who profit from it, and they have total legal indemnity.

This is a crime against humanity and is illegal under international law. A virus that has something like a 0.0002 chance of killing me is a better bet than a vaccine no one knows anything about. Let those who believe in the efficacy of the vaccine take it. But let it be by the lawful process of “informed consent,” which means no censorship. It was a “conspiracy theory” last year to say the vaccine would be forced upon us, along with health passports. Now it is a “conspiracy theory” to say this is just the beginning. We will be forced to take one vaccine after the other, eventually destroying our natural health. But if this in the interests of the corporations then it will happen. The vaccine launders tax free charity funds. The vaccine has become a cult.

The First Amendment of the US constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Every one of these rights has been abrogated during the last year. Laws are passed to inhibit religious beliefs in family and right to life. Nigeria is now the poorest nation in the world, with 43% of the population (91 million people) living in extreme poverty. The elite advocate radical global depopulation: maybe health, terrorism and climate crises are ways they hope to achieve it. Across much of the world, hydroxychloroquine, proven to be effective against Covid, has been backlisted and the public has no right of appeal against such lawlessness.

Possibly the most evil crime that goes unchecked today is child sex trafficking and ritual murder. Jeffery Epstein shows the extent of this global industry and of the elite among his associates. To see Epstein connected to Wall Street, with his massive wealth and influence in that circle, raises so many questions about this crime at the highest levels of our societies. The suppression of this information by the intelligence agencies, the many detailed allegations by credible whistle-blowers, including the blackmail of officials connected to these crimes, the number of whistle-blowers that are “found dead in the carpark,” all show the hold of this oligarchy on the powers that be. John F Kennedy came out against this in his famous “Secret Society Speech,” stating his determination to rid America of this evil, including dismantling the CIA. Kennedy also needed someone to watch his back. Possibly this is why President Roosevelt (mentioned above) was reticent.

Since 9/ 11 we have been giving up our personal information, undergoing stricter identification markers, giving up our rights to free travel and to protection from digital surveillance. And yet the real cause is the global injustice of the oligarchs, and unless this is changed, we will never regain social freedom. The oligarchs divide us to conquer. With Covid we have given up whatever rights we had left. We are being ruled by fear. But we defeat terrorism by neighbourliness and Covid by local decision making and care for one another. Global business solutions and centralism only bring us into a “1984” scenario. Serving others in our local lives, rather than segmented communities, makes us free. The cross makes us free.

There is also considerable evidence regarding the “gain of function” research being done on the coronavirus which became illegal in the United States, so was shifted to the Wuhan lab, with financial support from Anthony Fauci. Patents related to the coronavirus abound, including a vaccine patent taken out in March 2019 for mRNA vaccine development already taking place at that time. This preparation for the Covid-19 outbreak included a $6 billion grant to a “information warfare” (propaganda) corporation. See David Martin PhD for details on these patent issues. There are many questions to answer transparently, which censorship is aggressively trying to prevent.

This brings us to the matter of “informed consent,” which is fundamental to common law. It means that demands cannot be forced upon people without their informed consent. This includes demands (whether in the private business or government sectors) about vaccines, facemasks and lockdowns, which cannot be made against the public without each person’s consent. This consent must be fully informed, which means no censorship and no commercial, social or other coercion. Our modern commercial societies operate more on contract law, which is often weighted in the interests of the stronger power, even with legal indemnity in regard to injured persons. Such is not obtainable in common law, or “the law of God,” which is “love your neighbour as yourself” and do him no harm. The law of God is always about protecting the weaker party from abuse.

Laws made that abrogate the freedoms of individuals are often based on an appeal to “collectivism.” This is a Communist notion, with an enforcement to ensure that the rights of individuals are to be given up for the “collective good.” The “collective good” in this context however is always a lie (as the book Animal Farm depicts). It is propaganda, to ensure the goals of the elite prosper at the community’s expense. In God’s law, as seen in Genesis 1, God made mankind in his image, which means that each individual is offered love in terms of care not to harm, but also each individual voluntarily serves the neighbour and community. The common good cannot be achieved by abusing the individual. This is neither individualism nor collectivism, but love, which is how God’s rule builds wholesome community.

Traveling back again in American history, we see the congressional committee established in the 1950’s to investigate whether the activities of oligarchical charitable foundations could be justifiably said to be “un-American,” meaning that these foundations were determined to change American society by unconstitutional means. The main charitable foundations of that day would have included the Carnegies, Morgans and Rockefellers of that time, all of whom were themselves offshoots from the mentorship and sponsorship of the global Rothschilds banking family.

The staff director on the congressional committee (Norma Dodd) spoke in an interview in 1982, recollecting the committee’s findings, which showed the private tax-free fortunes of these foundations were being used to infiltrate the educational sector of America to change the public mind towards globalism, even an economic and political merger of America with the Soviet Union. The early 1950’s was the time of Joseph Stalin, who committed genocide on a grand scale and enforced a brutal dictatorship over much of Eurasia. The foundations were found to be moving America stealthily (by propagandist “education”) towards an acceptance of this form of communist government. This was seeking to change America by “unconstitutional” means.

The aims of these and other foundations in the twenty-first century have not changed. The election fiasco between Biden and Trump wasn’t about Trump, but about removing constitutional law from America. The constitution has been abrogated by the election fraud and by the lack of congressional oversight and the failure of the court system (up to the Supreme Court) to even hear the evidence. “The constitution, the constitution,” people cry, as they become gobsmacked to learn that many Americans don’t even care about the constitution, and that its demise is the actual goal.

A Convention of States movement has gathered some popularity based on Article V, which allows states to convene to consider constitutional amendments. Conservative advocates wish to make amendments to decentralise government and corporate control. This would be in line with the original intent of the constitution, as it sought to protect American people from the British oligarchs and banks. However, it has since been seen that George Soros and his very large network of media and other allies, have joined this movement (along with his massive funding), with the stated purpose to abrogate or rewrite the entire constitution in favour of their globalist agenda, the opposite intention of the Founding Fathers.

Former Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote that once such a conference had begun, no one could effectively limit its scope or agenda. It could establish aims of rewriting or abrogating the entire constitution. Justice Antonin Scalia in 2014 agreed, “I certainly would not want a constitutional convention.” “Whoa! Who knows what would come out of it?” We already know what a rewritten constitution would look like. The Defund the Police movement, along with some politicians, called for the removal of American police and the instalment of United Nations police throughout America. Their desire is to make America a colony of the global economic powers, just as it was under the British East India Company before the Revolution. America would be under a global economic dictatorship.

As sinful as American history has been, its constitution was written by Christians, Deists and naturalists who together believed in the rule of God and rights of his people to freedom, and that these rights should be protected by government. They didn’t believe in government as the aristocracy did: “The government giveth (rights) and the government taketh away (when it pleases.)” They believed these rights came from God and government could not take them away. It may be current fashion to attack the current constitution as “racist” and “individualistic” or promoting “capitalist greed,” and these things are definitely part of American history (as they are in all our nations), but a new constitution designed by the global oligarchs, operating through their already completed coup in the United Nations, would be completely ungodly. Humanity would then have no rights and the real nature of the beast we are called to trust would become fully known.

Remember, those who lead the charge in Identity Politics, don’t care for those they advocate for, but only for the power they can achieve in their advocation. The church is called to heal community by including and caring for minorities, and this defeats the opportunism of “identity politicians.” But a church that is individualistic in nature will not embark on this healing mission, as she did in the book of Acts (against the then Jewish exceptionalism) in transforming Rome. So, the solution comes back to us as the church, whether we live for ourselves, or live for Christ and for others.

Some are saying the military of America may step in to protect the constitution. That is their oath, to “protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” There are plenty of those enemies on both fronts today. The evidence for this is overwhelming and it is in the hands of the necessary people. I don’t mean enemies, as in nations, but players in the global financial world. There are so many criminals the justice system of America is failing to prosecute. It seems the whole system is compromised. Is the military also compromised, and to what extent? Whether implementing this final course of action the Founding Fathers foresaw to protect the nation against the coup it is currently passing through is a good idea or not, I don’t know. I don’t know whether this is really being considered or whether it is the right thing to do.

It may be more likely that the popularist tide against this globalism will be enough to eventually frustrate it and turn it back. I mean “populism” on both the left and right wings, merging into a new movement that is centrist, that is about genuine social justice. It could also be that enough nation states will take this side against globalism. This is yet to be seen. Every former globalist movement, from all ancient empires to all modern attempts, have failed, starting with the Tower of Babel, its economic hegemony, slavery, child sex trade and ritual child murder.

We may ask whether this current global beast is part of a “last days” scenario, as in the book of Revelation. It’s my opinion that it is not, but I can’t say I know. There have been last days scenarios since I became aware of them in the 1980’s. The first was the Soviet Union. It was a compelling scenario. There have been many others since, that have sold many books. My own view of Revelation is that it described the beast of the first century, but no doubt its themes are relevant and very helpful for any generation. The final resurrection will come but we don’t know when. Until then, Jesus said we are to “occupy” and bear witness to his kingdom. This is what we should be doing.

The most prominent gospel themes in the scriptures centre around the Exodus and the return from exile in Babylon events in Israel’s history. Jesus declared the gospel in this context in Luke 4:18-19, when he said he had come to announce the acceptable year, the release from prison, the good news to the poor. This was in the days of Roman hegemony. His answer wasn’t an insurrection, as many then hoped for, but a new community arising in the midst of the persecution, a new table of care that stretched across social and racial classes. This would challenge and transform the global powers of oppression. This is still our answer today. It might not be the answer we desire since it coincides with suffering. It’s as Paul said in Romans 8, the children of God are manifest to heal a broken creation in the midst of the powers of evil, while we are persecuted, but the Spirit helps us in our infirmity. We have the sure promise of God’s faithful love and his final victory. We are not called to establish his kingdom in the nations, but to be faithful as he establishes it.

They didn’t know when deliverance would come to Israel in Egypt. Surely, the plagues would have been enough to break the will of the oligarchy. But they weren’t. Then, surely the Passover and death of the firstborn of Egypt would have brought the desired change. But it didn’t. Not even the long trek through the wilderness assured their freedom. The enemy had resilience because they had so much to lose. The difficulties and trials of faith Israel passed through all set the scene for the final overthrow of their enemy. They just had to trust God through the process. As the enemy’s heart hardens, they construct the circumstances that bring about their own fall. This will always be the case, just as in every James Bond film. As the leader of the World Economic Forum declares his grandiose plans to save the world (“with the unfortunate collateral damage to much of humanity”), while stroking his cat on his lap, he is blind to the salvation of God on the horizon.

Isaiah is the one who outlines God’s grand plan for salvation. He speaks of Israel’s return from captivity in Babylon. The centralism of oppressive rule is broken down, the gates of brass are opened, and Israel returns to restore the villages. It’s always the villages, the vulnerable places, the local communities, that are laid waste by centralism and its incessant greed for profits. We see it today all around us. Violence takes over as local sustainable economies, environments, livelihoods and hope all disappear. In come the people of peace, to rebuild this hope by rebuilding holistic economies, relationships divided by opportunist politics, and to restore natural farming ecosystems. This is how Isaiah describes the church, with imagery that shows the local community, the local creation and village being restored with hope and a future. We are called the “restorers of the breach, the rebuilders of communities to dwell in.”

Restorers of the earth. “The meek shall inherit the land.” This isn’t theory. This is what we have seen take place in real life, as factions have broken down in formerly violent regions and communities and lives have been healed.

It’s a matter of giving up the things we enjoyed in Egypt, the garlic and cucumbers, and pressing on towards something much better, the promised land. The promises are for this people. One thing is certain: during our hardest times, the church grows and comes out the strongest in the world, because God is our Lord, and he wants what is good.

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