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Sharing some of my personal views in this article which have developed as certain facts have come to light.

Going back to the 2016 USA election, which I found very conflicting. I saw the Obama regime as war mongering and felt the continuation of this regime in Hilary Clinton would be extremely dangerous, escalating the possibility of military confrontation with Russia. On the other hand, Trump was a wild card, potentially fascist. It seemed America and the world were between a rock and a hard place.

As soon as Trump was elected the Democrats and the media went to town claiming Trump had broken the law in colluding with Russia to rig the election. Trump denied this but given Trump’s “gangster” type persona, how could we know who was telling the truth?

General Flynn was imprisoned for this Russagate hoax. It was the Attorney Sidney Powell that brought the truth to light. She had Flynn exonerated and released from prison, proving that the charges against him were false and that officials, including some of the highest in the land, perjured themselves in this hoax.

It was the Russagate incident that got my attention. The result of this showed what side the crime was on and the complicity of the media in the attempt to falsely oust Trump.

Then the impeachment of Trump came, based upon untried allegations of Trump trying to get Ukraine to interfere to help him defeat Biden in the 2020 presidential election. It later turned out that Trump was innocent in this matter and that Biden’s son was heavily involved with Ukraine and other nations in deals worth very large sums of private money. The FBI had information on Hunter Biden’s alleged illegal activities in Ukraine at least as early as 2019 but kept it silent until after the 2020 election. It was only the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop that brought the truth to the public.

In the matter of the alleged fraud over the 2020 presidential election between Trump and Biden, it was the involvement of Attorney Sidney Powell that first got my attention. As she was proven to be correct in the exoneration of General Flynn, her evidence over alleged election fraud should be listened to seriously. If Democrats and Republicans wanted to assure the public on the validity of American democracy, they should desire and ensure that this evidence be fully and transparently tested. Just as the truth about Russagate and Ukraine came out afterwards, the truth about “election fraud” will likely also come out at some point also.

The politicisation of Covid-19 in America was also designed to bring Trump down, as was the violence committed by Antifa throughout the nation in 2020. Trump has not been found guilty by due process in any of these matters, or in any other matter of law as President. His alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021 riot and “breaking into” the Capital building in Washington has no proof and has not undergone the slightest legal due process, even though a second impeachment was raced through in a matter of days.

I do not support Trump and I still have questions about some of the more radical elements that support him. However, in 2020 we saw fascism on the other side of politics, with the suppression of speech in America, which today threatens to close down and even criminalise all conservative voices. We see a relationship between the Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party, expressing itself in a top-down rule of government in America (and other Western nations) that is alarming.

There were some good things about Trump’s term. He is the first president of the USA for a long time who has not launched a war. He has brought down some of the power of the Planned Parenthood lobby, which in many nations has succeeded to promote full-term abortion (infanticide.) He has supported generic medicines, turning back the power of big pharma, making some drugs more affordable. He claimed he would return economic power to the small business and to the worker in America and I am not sure how much he succeeded in this, whether such was too difficult to achieve given the enemies he has for all these policies, or how much he truly desires to, as he also is a member of the elite of America, if not a member of the Washington elite.

Apparently, one of the reasons why a record number of African Americans and Hispanics voted for Trump in 2020 is that they have better paying jobs. This doesn’t match with an accusation that Trump is racist in his domestic policies. It has also been noted that the reason why the Democrats want open borders is to put downward pressure of wages for all in America, giving more money to the oligarchs. This shows again the media takes the elitist side, rather than promoting fair discussion. If America could keep itself from starting wars, supporting splinter groups, and robbing other nations, there wouldn’t be so many refugees and these nations would become stronger too.

There are also questions around Jeffery Epstein and child trafficking for sex. Why have household names among American and global elite been associated with him in recent years, even after he had been convicted? Why is there no transparency still today regarding these questions? The FBI and CIA are supposed to serve the American people and not the elite. Are leaders in American and global institutions being controlled by video footage showing their compromised criminal activity? Many possibly credible whistle-blowers say they are. These need to be heard and fully investigated in public. I am not American, but this is a global concern.

My support is with good policies, not with a politician. It is clear the media and the Democrats have worked falsely against Trump to enlarge the power of the global elite in America. We are again between a rock and a hard place: joining with China to enhance the global business interests of an oligarchy, or risking giving place to trigger happy generals in withstanding China’s infiltration in global politics. The policies we should support are transparency, the rule of law, the independence of media, and the breakup of monopoly power that subjugates the common person. We need a Jubilee rule, as we see in Moses, that is an Exodus of the people from the dictatorship and enslavement of modern Pharaohs.

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