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The scriptures call them “the rulers of the darkness of this world, the spiritual forces in heavenly places.” This refers not only to unseen spiritual powers but also to the global web of human power. In Paul’s day it was centred in Rome. “Heavenly” means above the daily affairs of normal people, the place of control, where humans struggle for power and influence over others. In the Old Testament, “heaven” served as metaphor for “to rule over.” God is in the highest heaven. He rules over all. The role of the church in the first century was to “display God’s wisdom to the powers,” to renew the way humanity rules, to renew the kingdoms of this world. This is still the church’s role, especially for the sake of our children yet to be born.

In generations past this worldly web of power in regions like Europe existed in the royal families, but through the role of the church in Europe this changed to a degree. Power became more decentralised, the rights of humanity in general were served, and powers became more accountable to the highest power. But this has reversed in the last few decades. There is now a global web of power that is situated in the private sector, in the business and banking sector. These powers have become strong, undemocratic and unaccountable.

In this article we look at a few recent published papers that comment on aspects of this web of power and look at some of the places where this web interconnects.

  1. See interview with Prof Sucharit Bhakdi:

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi has been an immunologist for over 30 years. He just one of the multitude of voices sounding the alarm over recent vaccines related to Covid-19. Many have already claimed there is a danger (known in previous scientific studies) that the immune system will react strongly to new strains of the coronavirus for those who have been vaccinated. Bhakdi is among those who raise another point. First, he notes that mRNA alters the DNA of the human cell. This means the first widescale public experiment in genetic modification of the human organism (GMO.) Altering human genetic makeup is something people like Bill Gates have advocated for long. It’s the most “exciting” area of science Gates often speaks of.

Bhakdi’s main point is that we don’t know all the human cells that will produce the protein associated with Covid-19, once the new mRNA has been introduced. Bhakdi claims that these cells will leave residue of the “foreign protein” at their door, meaning the immune system will likely target those cells as an enemy and destroy them. This leads to many kinds of auto immune diseases. The issue here is that this new mRNA technology is now being trialled on humanity, and the degree to which this is “enforced” upon society, with various forms of coercion for compliance, is not only illegal generally, but is a larger crime against humanity, the scope of which is rarely seen in history.

  1. See article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.:

The second source is an article written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, in which he explores the most significant contributors to the improvement in global health in the 20th Century. The data has shown conclusively that the two main causes of this improvement are nutrition and sanitation. Not even antibiotics, surgery or vaccinations come close to being major causes. Vaccines were introduced well after mortality rates plummeted. Kennedy shows the data also for specific diseases like Measles, Tuberculosis, Scarlet Fever, Influenza, Pertussis and Scurvy. A CDC study of 2010 concludes “Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century.”

The implications for the Covid-19 outbreak are clear. Not only is all hope invested in a vaccine (without any historical precedent for the confidence) but is also being said now that vaccines will have to follow every year for new strains of coronavirus and that these vaccines will be indispensable for our health and freedom in society. Yet, historical data informs us it is other factors that lead to our better health, such as diet and biodiversity. If we isolate more, wear masks and depend on vaccines, our immune systems will become compromised and deficient. This is the future if we rely on the profit agenda of these vaccine corporations.

  1. Whitney Webb, on the Oxford Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine:

This interview with Whitney Webb explores the so-called philanthropic claim for the Oxford vaccine. However, after June 2021 profits will be allowed, and with vaccines expected annually now for the coronavirus, the profits will be very substantial.

Web looks more at the corporations associated with the Oxford vaccine, many of which have a background in eugenics. This brings us back once again the GMO association with the mRNA “vaccines.” The American corporations work in conjunction with DARPA, a US military branch that works on biowarfare and also on transhumanism. Transhumanism includes many goals, like making “super soldiers” and ways of manipulating the DNA of humanity to eradicate unwanted human traits. This lines up exactly with the historic goals of eugenics, that became unpopular during the WWII, but has continued “under the radar,” citing these health needs. Again, if DNA manipulation is our hope for health, and not healthy living, then we are experimenting with humans.

The interconnectivity of these corporations is also seen in this interview. Big investors, scientific corporations, many corporations with a eugenics history are all working together on modern “health theory.” Google, for example, sponsors the Oxford vaccine, while censoring comments about vaccines on the internet and on YouTube. This is a Fascist affair, with corporations and governments working together to silence and control social behaviour and decision making. Fascism and eugenics are uncomfortably coming together in our age, as they did in the past. We wondered why the German people didn’t say anything at the time. Probably for the same reason people often don’t speak today. Free speech is professionally costly.

  1. Johnny Vedmore:

Johnny Vedmore looks at the history and current work of Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum. His lineage is in Germany and Switzerland, where his father helped a company produce technology for the German war effort and for its nuclear weapons program. When Klaus joined the company it launched more heavily into nuclear weapons technology and supported the then apartheid South African nation in nuclear weapons production.

Klaus later formed the World Economic Forum, in cooperation with the Club of Rome, an organisation started by the Rockefeller family with the goal of global governance and population control. The movement stated that the way to implement the unpopular measures of population and health engineering would be through global emergencies like “climate change.”

Here we see a confluence of all the powers. The private sector (represented by Klaus Schwab), the public sector (represented by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum), the interest in health technology as the solution for global problems (represented by transhumanist experimentation at an increasing scale by the associated corporations), the interest in eugenics as the solution to the “human enemy of the world,” and the interest in a global oligarchy of central control, are all the factors of Fascism and the abrogation of human rights we have seen in the past.

Historical data shows us that there was a confluence of global (Western) corporations with Hitler and German industries in WWII and that followed on after the war, even with many of the same agents who worked for Hitter continuing to serve in Western programs. Stifled as they were by public opinion, after the full revelation of Hitler’s darkness, the task now is to ensure public opinion remains strong against these “plots of power for total control.” Public opinion is greatly weakening today. We the public need to wake up.

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